Best Blogger SEO Settings In 2022 (Basic To Advance Full Guide)


In this blog post, you will learn blogger SEO settings basic to advance that help you to boost your blog rank in search engines.

So if you are using, this post helps you to do all the SEO settings that you must do if you want to rank your blog on google or any search engine.

Also, if you just started a blog on blogger then read this post till the end. You will learn every blogger SEO setting that you need to do if you want to rank your blog on SERP.

So let’s straight to the topic,

Blogger Basic SEO Settings

Blog Title And Description

Blog title and description will tell readers about your blog like what they found on your blog and what you are writing on your blog.

Blog Title: Write a blog title under 60 words it’s great in terms of SEO (Your Blog Title + Tagline)

How To Write Blog Title

  • Login To Your Blogger Dashboard and Go to Settings Section
Blogger SEO Setting

  • Here First Option is the title click on that.
blogger seo settings
  • Write your blog title here and click on the Save button
basic blogger seo settings

Now we’re done with the blog title. Let’s move forward and write the blog description.

Blog Description: A blog description is a sneak peek of your blog, which gives an idea to readers about your blog. If you don’t know how to write the best blog description then must read How to write the best eye-catchy blog description

How to write blog Description

  • After Writing Title You will see an option just below the title to write a description
Advance blogger seo
  • Write Your Blog Description Here. Write Blog Description Under 160 Words.
Blogger advance seo

That’s for the blog title and description.

HTTPS Redirection

Https is good for your blog security if you disable https redirection then readers see a msg (Not Secure) just before your URL.

blogger seo

It affects the ranking of your blog, and also people always want to use a secure blog if your blog is not secure most of the visitors back out from your blog.

So, Always enable https redirection on your blog.

seo settings for blogger

Enable Meta Description

This is the hidden description of your blog (only search engine crawlers see this description) that helps search engine crawlers to understand your blog.

So, Enable it otherwise google or other search engines never know about your blog.

How to enable meta description

  • You will get a meta tags option in the Setting section of blogger.
blogger full seo
  • Write your meta description here.
best blogger seo

Enable Custom Robots.txt

Robots.txt is a text file in which you can write which directories, web pages, or links should not be included in search results. You can restrict search engine bots to crawl links or directories that you don’t want to show on search engines.

How to enable custom robots.txt

  • Go to the setting section here you will get the crawler and indexing option
  • Click on enable button here
best blogger seo settings
  • Now fill the below file in the custom robots.txt section.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google


User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Allow: /

blogge seo settings to rank

Note: Write the Custom Robots.txt file carefully if you do it wrong your blog will not index in search engine

Enable custom robots header tags

Here you can choose the indexing format of the homepage, Search Pages, posts and Pages.

Blogger Custom robots header tags settings

  • Tags setting for homepage
seo blogspot
  • Tags setting for archive and search pages
seo blogger
  • Tags setting for posts and pages
seo for blogspot

Search Engine Visibility

After doing the above setting, make sure your blog is visible on search engines.

How to enable search engine visibility

  • Go to the setting section in the blogger dashboard
  • Now scroll down and go to the Privacy section and enable search engine visibility
blogspot seo

Now we have done the basic SEO setting of Blogspot. Before moving forward, make sure you have done all the above settings.

Let’s start with the blogger’s advanced SEO setting.

Blogger Advance SEO Settings

After completing the Basic settings of Blogspot, it’s time to do some advanced SEO settings that boost your blog ranking in Google or any other search engine.

Add Custom Domain Name

When you start a blog on, you will get your domain with the subdomain name (ex., but it’s not SEO friendly and also does not looks professional.

So I will suggest you get your custom domain. It’s good for branding and also for SEO.

How to add a custom domain in Blogspot

  • Login to dashboard
  • Go to the setting section and here you will find a custom domain option click on that
seo in blogger
  • Enter your domain name here and click on save button
seo tips for blogger
  • Now you see a msg to verify your domain name.
blogger seo tips
  • To verify your domain log in to your domain registrar account and go to the DNS section.
search engine optimization blogspot
  • Here add the Cname provided by the blogger.
search engine optimization blogger
  • Now click on the Save button
seo plugin for blogger
  • Again come to blogger and click on the save button
seo tips blogger
  • Your custom domain will be connected with within 1-2 hours

Submit Site In Search Console

To index your blog in search engines, you need to submit your blog to the search console. Here I will show you how to submit site in the google search console

Steps to submit site in google search console

  • Go to the search console and log in with your Gmail account
seo blog tips
  • Enter your blog URL here and click on submit button
blog seo tips
  • Here you will get the HTML code that you need to paste on your blog. Copy that code.
seo blogging tips
  • To paste that code on your blog login to the dashboard and go to the theme section
google blogger search engine
  • Here click on three dots. search engine
  • Now click on edit HTML
seo optimization blogger
  • Here paste that code just after <head>
search engine optimization blogs
  • Now go to the search console and click on the verify button.
seo optimized blogs

Submit Sitemap to Search Console

The sitemap is a file where the website files data mentioned, and google and other search engines crawl the sitemap to get information about your website post, pages, and other data.

Steps to submit the sitemap

  • Log in to search console
seo blog tips
  • Click on the sitemap option.
how to seo a blog
  • Here enter your sitemap and click on submit.
blog seo optimization
  • Now your sitemap submitted successfully
how to submit sitemap in blogger

Permalink Setup

Permalink is the URL of your blog post and pages. The default permalink of the blogger is very long, and it’s not right in terms of SEO. So we need to set up a short and SEO-friendly permalink.

Steps to setup permalink

  • Go to Post Section
  • Here click on the plus icon in the right down corner
seo advices
  • When you write the post, you will get a permalink option on the right side
blog post seo
  • Here you need to choose a custom permalink option and enter the permalink that you want.
blog search engine optimization

Index Blog Post Fast

The indexing blog post is an essential part. If you publish a post and leave it, then it will take a while to index your blog post in the search engine. So manual indexing is the best way to index your blog post immediately after publishing.

How to do manual indexing

  • Log in to search console
blog optimization
  • Click on URL inspection
seo for blogs
  • Now paste here the link that you want to index and press enter.
how to do blogger seo
  • Now click on request indexing.
blogger search description
  • Now your request to index that URL is submitted, and your URL will be indexed in only 2-4 minutes only
blogger seo tips basic to advance

Bonus SEO Tips You Should Follow

  • Never Copy Other bloggers content 
  • Write Catchy Titles And Description
  • Never Overload Your Tags, Labels
  • Use Word In Your Titles ex, Top 10. Top 5
  • Use Images With Proper Alt Tag & Videos In Your Post
  • Use H1 H2 H3 H4 In Post
  • Create Important Pages – About me, Contact us. Privacy policy,
  • Use Simple Template To Understand Your Website To Crawler

FAQ – Blogger SEO Settings

Is Blogger Completely Free?

Yes is an entirely free platform to start a blog, But you can’t get a free custom domain with they just give you a domain with their subdomain (ex.

Is blogger still popular?

Yes, is a top-rated platform, and still, many bloggers are using to build successful blogs. Also, most of the newbies are starting with because it’s a free platform.

Is blogger SEO friendly?

Of course, is SEO friendly. It’s a product of google so no doubt it is entirely SEO friendly and many successful blogs run on bloggers.

Is Backlinks Good For SEO?

Backlinks are an essential part of SEO. If you want to rank on SERP, then you have to make backlinks. There are many types of backlinks. Some of the Backlinks are good, and Some are bad. It depends on which type of backlinks you are making.

Now It’s Your Turn

I told you every single blogger SEO setting that helps you to rank your blog. If you still have any questions, ask me in the comment section also If you find this article help me let me know in the comment section.

Now you need to do one thing: share this article on your social media and help every newbie who wants to start blogging and wants to learn about blogger SEO settings.

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