17 Unbelievable Mistakes That Every Amateur Blogger Make

Mistakes Made by Amateur Bloggers

Amateur bloggers or you can say newbie bloggers made these unbelievable mistakes and ruin their blogs and waste a lot of time doing wrong things.

If you are reading this article then I know you are a beginner and if you are planning to start your blog then I suggest you read how to start a blog.

Aso if you already created your blog and just want to know the blogging mistakes you should avoid becoming successful in blogging then keep reading this article and you will get to know about every single mistake that will ruin your blog and blogging career.

But before going through the blogging mistakes that every Amateur blogger makes you need to know how this article going to help you to become a successful blogger.

Benefits Of Reading This Article

  • You will learn about every mistake that every amateur blogger makes and ruin their blogs.
  • I am not going to tell you just the mistakes I will also give you the solution for those mistakes.
  • Also If you Just start a blog or going to start a new blog then you will save valuable time by avoiding these mistakes.
  • After reading this article you will be able to grow your blog with the speed of a rocket.

Let’s move forward and learn about mistakes that amateur bloggers make and also learn the solution to all those mistakes so if you already made any mistakes then you can fix that.

1. Selecting the Wrong Niche

Choosing a niche is not hard, but it’s imperative. So choose your blog niche smartly.

Selecting the Wrong niche is the mistake that almost 90% of newbies did. What they do while choosing a niche read some big blogs that make passive income, and just because of their income, they started the blog in the same niche, and this is the biggest mistake.


How To Choose Blog Niche?

This is very simple choose the niche in which you have some expertise and are also interested in writing about that niche because you have to write many posts, and if you select a niche randomly, you can’t write on that for a long time.

2. Confusing Blog Names

The blog name is essential. It’s the same as your name people remember your name the same as your name your readers will remember your blog from the blog name.

Tips for Choosing a blog name

  • Choose a name that related to your niche
  • The select short name never goes with a significant name
  • Go with the name that is easies to remember

You can use the Lean Domain Search, Namechk, or you can try AI Based Business Name Generator Squadhelp to choose a blog name. This is a fantastic website that helps you to finalize your blog name.

3. Free Domain Name

This is the mistake that a lot of amateur bloggers did at the beginning of their blogging journey. They choose the free domain or make blogs on websites like blogger.com and wordpress.com. This is the mistake that I made when I start blogging.

I started my first blog on blogger.com, and after doing a lot of hard work, I didn’t get any results from that blog that was just a waste of my time.

So, You should have a custom domain. If you have a custom domain, you make your presence like a brand, it’s looking more professional and attract more visitors to your blog.

You can’t control free domain providers can’t give you any access to your domain if you did anything wrong they will delete your domain and you lose you whole data of that blog.

Also, free domains are not SEO-friendly free domains can’t index in search engines properly if you want to make money online through blogging never use the free domain.


Getting a custom domain is very important. Also, the domain doesn’t cost you too much I prefer the .com domain, and it will cost you around $6 – $10 for a year.

4. Choosing Low-Quality Hosting

Are you using free hosting or cheap hosting?

If yes, you are making a terrible mistake. Because if you are using hosting like blogger.com, you can’t get any access to hosting if you made any mistake, they will remove your blog, and you lose your data.

Also, On blogger.com, you get a few customizations for the blog, and with those customizations, you can’t make a blog like a pro blogger.

I know some website that provides free hosting and trusts me I already tried their hosting. That was the worst hosting that I have ever used in my life with free hosting; you get the worst blog speed, and you don’t know when they shut their website.

If they shut down what you can do, all your data will be deleted, and the valuable time that you gave that blog never comes back.

Some companies provide outstanding hosting service, and their server speed is impressive, but I checked 35+ web hosting companies, and I like their service, but then that their charge is not justified.

So Now,

Recently I check a web hosting called A2 Hosting believe me. I love their hosting service and price too. So I will suggest you use A2 hosting for your blogs. This is the best hosting for all newbies ( Amateur Bloggers).

Special Discount

5. Terrible Blog Design

This is the biggest mistake that I did when I started my first blog.


When I started, I am using free themes on my blog, and because of those theme interface is terrible. The free theme can’t give the customization that we need. Also, those themes are not SEO optimized.

The primary issue with the free theme is they are not mobile or desktop-friendly because of that my site never ranked on Google.

I know we all don’t have a budget for premium themes and plugins when we start a blog, but as I experienced in my blogging journey, I have one suggestion for you please make a budget for a premium theme it helps you a lot to grow your blog.

I think all of you know Brian Dean. He also mentions in his post 200 ranking factors that if your blog is not SEO optimized, Google will never rank your blog on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

If you are still have confusion about a premium theme, then listen, I will give you the proper reason why you should invest in premium themes.

  • The premium theme provides you a lot of customization options that help you to make an eye-catchy blog. It also makes an image of your blog in the reader’s mind, and they will come back, and it’s a perfect thing for your blog’s growth.
  • You will get regular updates with the premium theme. They will also add more amazing features through updates that you never get in free themes.
  • If you are facing any issues in setting up your premium theme, their support team will help you to set up your blog with that theme.

I hope now you understand why you should use a premium theme on your blog.

Now time to choose a premium theme and which theme you should use on your blog. I will tell you about two themes that I use and also many other pro bloggers using these themes on their blogs.

GeneratePress is a theme that I am using on this blog; I think this is a very light theme with amazing customization features.

Generatepress is ultimately SEO optimized theme and has a mobile-friendly interface that attracts your reader to come back to your blog.

Grab generatepress with an amazing discount

Astrathis is the second fantastic theme that I use on my many blogs, it’s the same as generatepress, but when we use elementor plugin with this theme, it is a deadly combination.

Let’s move toward the next mistake that every amateur blogger makes when they start a blog.

6. Copy Other content

Almost every amateur blogger thinks writing their content is a tough task, and they make a mistake here. Because of this thought, they copy other bloggers’ content and do some modifications and use rephrase sites, and use that content without taking permission from that person.

That’s the main reason why amateur blog posts are not ranked on Google or any other search engine the content that you are posting on your blog is already available on Google, and due to this, your content is plagiarism.

Now the question is, what is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the content that you copied from others’ blogs that is the thing that Google hates. If you are doing this, stop it now.

If you are using copied content, your blog never ranks on Google. Also, google blacklisted your blog because of this mistake which affects your blog in the long term.

So, If you want to be a successful blogger, start writing your content. If you’re going to make money from blogging, you have to write your content.

Also, If you are using some small piece on anyone’s content like an image or some sentence, then give them credit.

7. Not Planing For Blog Posts

This is the mistake that I did for a long time. Also, almost every amateur blogger makes.

When we start a blog, we never plan for a future blog post, but believe me, it affects us in the long term. After writing some blog posts, we don’t have content to write, and we waste time thinking about what to write.

Believe me,

At the time when I am writing this post, I have 100+ post Ideas that I will write on this blog in the future.

So, What do you need to do? Make a list of ideas that you have in your mind and search for more ideas. It helps you to write in the future without being stuck on the thought of what to write on the blog?

I always make a list of at least 50 blog post ideas for all my blogs, and it was the best step that I take now I am never stuck in thoughts of writing a blog post.

Make sure your start making a list of blog ideas from today and never make this mistake that a lot of amateur blog writers do.

8. Not Optimizing Blog Posts

This mistake that not all but still many amateur bloggers make.

What did they do?

Many newbies write a post on the website and publish that without doing any optimization. Due to this, their blog not never ranks on SERP. Because if you don’t optimize your blog post, google, or any other search engine, do not understand your post intent.

Also, if you can’t write an optimized post search engine, don’t understand which keyword your want to rank.


So, always optimize your blog post. You can use SEO plugins to write an SEO-optimized blog post. The two most popular plugins are available that help you to write an SEO-optimized blog post. Choose the best SEO plugin for your blog. Read this fantastic post on Yoast SEO vs. Rank Math.

Unique tips for writing a stunning blog post

  • Use long-tail keywords
  • Always write a blog post of 1500+ words.
  • Highlight your keyword
  • Use short paragraphs
  • Always insert media content (Images, Videos, etc.)
  • Do interlinking (At least link 3-4 blog posts)
  • Give links you other popular blogs.

These are some points that help me to write an optimized blog post. I think if you follow these pointers, you can also write a stunning blog post that drives traffic to your blog.

9. Don’t Maintain Consistency

This mistake that almost every amateur blogger makes. They don’t write consistently on their blog. They write a few blog posts or when they don’t get a result then quit blogging, but you never judge a blog from a few posts if you are not getting a response. You are doing something wrong.

So, find out your mistake and stop making that mistake. You will get a fantastic response from your blog.

So always content on your blog and give value to your blog readers, and being consistent doesn’t mean writing anything. With Consistency, make sure you are writing valuable content with proper research.

10. Misunderstand The Power of social media

I see this mistake a lot of newbies are still doing. They don’t share their content on social media and believe me. It’s one of the biggest mistakes.

Believe me,

Social media is the best place to share your blog posts and other content. From social media, you will get a massive amount of traffic. 

Many peoples share their content on social media, but they share on their pages or group, but you need to share as much as you can.

When you share your content on social media, people came to your blog, and when traffic came, Google will boost your blog, and you will start getting organic traffic.

If I can talk about my blog when I start, I get 400-500 traffic from social media, and this helps me a lot to get ranked on Google.

So, start sharing your content on social media from today.

11. Share only your content.

A lot of people are making this mistake; they share their blog content and avoid sharing others’ content. They think if they share other content, then other people get traffic because of them, and this is not right.


If you can’t share others’ content, then never think other people share your content. So start sharing other bloggers’ content and let them know that you share their content they feel happy, and in the future, they will also share your content, and you will get their audience too.

Also, Sharing is caring if you share other’s content, then it helps you to make a relationship with other bloggers, and it’s imperative.


Always share other bloggers’ content and make good relationships with others.

12. Not Linking To Other Bloggers

This mistake is most common among amateur bloggers. I also did this in the past, but believe me. It’s not suitable for your blog.

Most amateur bloggers think if they link to another blog, then their website traffic will go there. Yes, it’s right, but it’s good for you. By linking high-authority blogs, you get a boost in your website authority.

One more thing because of boosting your website authority, you get more chances to rank higher on SERP, and, due to this, you will get more organic traffic. So always link other bloggers’ blogs.

13. Avoid List Building

If you are not building an email list, then you are making a big mistake. I started list building in the last 7-8 months.

Just because of list building, my revenue is almost doubled because, with that email list, I drive quality traffic to my blog which helps me to increase my income.

If you are still thinking about list building or don’t know about list building is the way to get more loyal subs. I recommend you start making an email list today.

Why should you start making an email list?

It’s not possible to rank every blog post on SERP, but if you have an email list, you can quickly drive traffic to every blog post by sending an email to your subscribers, and this thing also helps you to rank those blog posts on top of Google search pages.

Now to build an email list you need an email marketing tool. There are a lot of email marketing tools available but I recommend you use the Sendinblue email marketing tool.

Wonder why you should use Sendinblue instead of other tools? I answered all these questions in a detailed Sendinblue review so check that out.

I used a lot of email marketing tools; some of them do not justify their price, and most of them, are not profitable.

Why am I saying this?

Because most of the tools send emails to the spam or promotion folder, and due to this, I get less open rate clicks and clicks on emails, but with Sendinblue, all of my emails send to the inbox, and I get 90 – 95% open rate and its amazing.

Also don’t forget to join our newsletter to get more amazing content about blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing directly into your inbox.

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14. Promotion

This is a mistake that I did a lot, but now I understand how much this affects my blog, and a lot of amateur bloggers make this mistake.

Newbies think if they promote their blog, what people think about them, but the guy that thing is not a promotion that’s called spamming if you’re sending your links to someone daily, then they get irritated with you So never do spam.

How to promote?

If you directly send your blog, links, or blog post links to someone they never click on that but instead of sending links first add some value to their life from your side first send some tips or ticks according to your niche after adding some send them your link they will read you blog.

Use all social media platforms and start branding there for your blog. Join groups related to your niche, add some value to then share your blog content. This helps you to build trust between you and your readers, and it’s good for your blog in the long term.

If you ask any blogger how much time they spend promoting their content, then everyone said If they take 4 hours to write a post, then they will promote that for at least 8-9 hours, and it’s true.

So, I hope you understand the importance of promotion.

15. Bad Link Building

We all know making backlinks is essential to rank, but all backlinks do not help us to grow. Some backlinks are not suitable for our blog.

When newbies start making backlinks, they make this mistake. It affects you in the long term and in a terrible way.


These are some things that you must remember while making backlinks.

  • Always make backlinks on the relatable website
  • Balance ratio of no-follow or do-follow backlinks
  • Never make links on the same anchor text
  • Try to make backlinks on the main keyword, Brand name, and naked URL
  • Make backlinks on the websites which have spam scores less than 5%

Never build backlinks on the wrong website instated make many backlinks try to create quality backlinks.

16. Scared to invest

This mistake I did when I started my blogging career I don’t want to invest in blogging, but that was a wrong decision.

Blogging is the same as other businesses you have to treat it like a business if you want to make money from blogging.

When you start a blog, please make a budget for some themes, plugins, and tools that helps you to grow your blog.

I don’t want you to waste your money. So, I make a list of some tools that I use to make a successful blog.

Here is the list of must-use tools.

17. Not make it a priority

Not Making it a priority is a mistake that every amateur blogger. Almost all newbies take blogging as secondary work, but this is a mistake. Please make it a priority.

If you want to make money from blogging, then you should make it a priority. When you start any business, you give time and money to that business and then start making money from that business.

The same thing you need to do with blogging is treated your blog like a business and make it a priority.

18. Relying On Ads and Sponsered ads

When we are talking about making money, newbies things they will earn from ads or sponsored posts. But a lot of other things that you should make money from blogging.

Believe me,

If I talk about my earning ways, my primary mode of making is affiliate marketing. You don’t think how much you can make from affiliate marketing.

Let’s take an example; if you check India’s one of the most prominent blogs Shout Me Loud, you can’t see a single AdSense ad on that. Because he is earning a lot of money from affiliate marketing from that blog, so he doesn’t need to insert Google ads to make money.

Many bloggers are providing their paid courses. That is an impressive way to make money. You can do your course and provide your users and get paid for that.

So, These are some ways to earn money from blogging or a blog, so try out all these things and start making money online.

It’s Your Turn Now

I told you 17+ deadly mistakes every amateur blogger makes by avoiding these you can make a profitable blog from scratch and start making money online through blogging.

So, If this article adds some value to your blogging journey, then share this article with your friends and family, it takes a few seconds, and this makes my day.

Hope after reading this article; you can’t make any mistakes that amateur bloggers make.

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