Interview With Santosh Gairola The Man Behind

Interview With Santosh Gairola

Nowadays everyone wants to start an online business and want to make money online. Starting an online business is easier than scaling it and making it profitable.

To make an online business profitable you need proper knowledge and guidance for that and to make it easier for you, I started this interview series where I invite pro bloggers and influencers to guide you.

So, guys welcome to the Lit Blogging interview series, In this series you will learn from pro bloggers, and influencers. I ask them about their online journey and ask the question that helps them to grow their online business.

In today’s interview, I invited Santosh Gairola founder of an amazing author.

I asked him many questions about blogging and his journey of blogging, and I think all these questions help you to grow yourself and your business as well.

I read his blog and books and I learned a lot of things from them. And I think you will also learn something from this interview.

Okay, let’s dive into it…

Introduce yourself to Lit Blogging Readers

Thanks, Akash for giving me this lovely opportunity to connect with your fantastic audience. I’m grateful to you, there are many blogs that I love to read on regular basis, and you’re one of them.

Hi everyone, this is Santosh Gairola from Dehradun India. Dear friends, I’m a published author, known blogger, certified coder, and loved digital marketer. I love reading all kinds of books including fiction and non-fiction.

On that basis, I can say that Authorship is my wife and Blogging is my girlfriend. I’m in the digital content creation process since 2013. I have been featured in lots of national and international blogs.

I have written more than 250+ articles and 10+ books in different genres. I’m thankful for all the love and appreciation that I get from my friends, co-bloggers, and vivid readers around the globe. My life is blessed with all the happiness in the world.


Can you share your educational background with us? 

Although, I don’t like to talk much about my educational background as it means nothing to me now as a digital entrepreneur. I focus on what I have learned today. For me, there is no benefit to collecting some educational certificates.

But you have asked so I’m replying. I was a bachelor of computer application and internationally certified from Microsoft dot net framework 536, 526 (MCTS). C sharp dot net framework was my major specialization in technology. Along with that I’m certified in graphic and animation designing. But when I look at these certifications it means nothing to me at all. 

How and when did you get into the blogging field? 

It is a long story, accidentally I entered into Blogging stuff. I was a programmer and worked for many organizations in my life before becoming a professional blogger and Author.

In the digital industry when I first launched my application that time I realized the importance of digital marketing. Due to that, I started acquiring knowledge regarding digital marketing and entrepreneurship. I guess I started my first digital marketing blog around 2015 – 2016.

I apologize; I can’t remember the exact dates. It was a successful blog for me which I later sold to someone interested in that blog. Later I started Blogging Cosmos which is my current girlfriend now. 

How many blogs are you running now? Feel free to share your other blogs 

Majorly these are three prime blogs that I run.

I’m thinking to start one more in the coming time.

As A Blogger What Is Your Daily Schedule? 

My blogging mindset is different from the Author’s mindset. These are two different worlds. Whenever I shift my mind towards a blogger mindset I follow some rules and Schedules.

1 – ) Consistency in blogging is a key

2 – ) Write only quality articles which can help readers

3 – ) Be an action taker and learn SEO

4 – ) I don’t work after 5 Pm.

My daily schedule is fixed when I do Blogging.

I take two days to publish a particular article on the blog in which 5 hours I give to research work and 7 hours to Deep writing. The next day, I take two hours to formatting, and one-hour publishing. Finally the one hour to sharing with the world.

Some Tools that you recommend to other bloggers to take their blog to the next level. 

Without investing, it will be hard for you to build a profitable blog. These are the major tools I use for Blogging.

Share some blogging tips for the new bloggers 

The best thing that you can do as a new blogger is to read some of the blogs of pro-bloggers. Acquiring a writing skill is the best skill that you can grab as a blogger because it will help you in the long term. Success doesn’t come immediately. It will take lots of sweat and blood.

In extreme circumstances never lose hope. You will meet some people who will say you can’t do it. At that time, keep faith in your skill and practice perseverance. Communicate with others and improve your network with other bloggers. There are many blogging groups that you can join and learn from there. We also run a blogging group by the name of Blogging Cosmos Facebook group. Be happy and enjoy your blogging journey.

Kindly share some SEO tips 

Search engine optimization is the best way to get organic traffic for your blog. The first thing that you need is a responsive mobile-friendly design for your blog. It should be light with the proper balance of code and text.

Use light-weight professional images. Never copy content from other blogs. It is against Google’s policies. Focus on providing healthy content to your audience with a detailed explanation of the point.

Keep your blogging consistent. Your article length should be proper to deal with the rank brain Algo of Google. Search engine like Google loves those blogs which are based on a particular niche. Narrow your niche to win google’s trust.

Later you can focus on the brand building because after 2020. It is the era of brand building. Treat your blog as a business; don’t focus on money in your initial days of blogging. Apply proper On page and Off page blogging Strategies.

Can you share your income sources? 

  • Ads
  • Sponsored 
  • Software Royalty
  • Direct selling
  • Book Royalty
  • Consultancy

I read one of your books “The beauty of Hinduism” and I really love that book I saw you talked a lot about lord shiva on social media. Kindly share some thoughts or anything else about lord shiva that everyone should know. 

Well, thanks for liking that book, Akash. Many people think that I’m a religious person which is far from reality. Indeed I’m a rational and practical person who is in love with Lord Shiva. For me Lord Shiva brings auspiciousness. He has given me tremendous strength, courage, and wisdom. Lord Shiva is a friend, father, teacher, protector, and superhero for me.

There are many reasons why I admire Lord Shiva. I learned many practical life lessons from him. He is an inner peace giver. The world in which we are living is full of all sorts of people. Some of the goods and some are bad. Lord Shiva belongs to everyone. He never judges people based on their karma, he accepts everyone, the non-materialistic lord, and the greatest giver of any known or unknown universe. He can consume Halahal poison from your life and give you every boon that you will ask from him. I don’t want any boon from him. I just want to sing songs in his praise for the affection that he has showered on me. Akash, it is just a blissful experience for me that can’t be defined in the world. He made me realizes to help others, be simple, be loving, be caring, and beyond the parameter of inferiority and superiority. You are bigger than your challenges and infirmities.

I know that you are writing another amazing book, please share something about your upcoming books. 

Well, my new book is in the publishing process; soon it will be available for readers. It is a fictional love story of a boy named Rahul. It is the story of faith, true love, and values. Readers will come to know how a boy from nowhere creates the biggest corporate in India. It is a journey of a boy written from a cinematic viewpoint. Now I have started working on another book. It is still in the plot development zone. 

Suggest some books that you think everyone should read. 

During the last few years, I have read many books, and some have changed my life. It is the reason I get immense joy while reading books. They helped me overcome my biggest struggle and fears. Today I feel invincible due to books. Hence, all sorts of books are dear to me. Here are my top five recommendations.

  1. The Richest Man in Babylon
  2. Think and Grow rich
  3. The power of habit
  4. Deep Work
  5. Million-dollar habit

I am following you on almost all social media platforms and I saw that you also talk about fitness and diet. Can you share some fitness tips with us? 

Well, I’m no more a fitness freak but I like to carry toned muscles and a healthy lifestyle. 

The only suggestion I like to give people is to eat less junk food. Eating fruits and veggies is what our human body prefers. Every morning a little push-up will enhance your blood flow. Breathing exercises and walking can work as a wonder for you as a blogger or author. 

What is your future plan as a blogger and also as an author?

Currently, my entire focus is on Authorship. I want to write some amazing, entertaining, and informative books for people all around the globe. Through my books, I want to touch the heart of 1 million people. It is my little dream which I’m pursuing.

Now coming to blogging, I have the same passion for blogging. In the coming time, I want my blog to be complete with my books. But the blog is limited to a particular niche whereas books give me the freedom to use my imagination and creativity at the optimum level. It is the reason I want to go with authorship. I’m following many great authors and continuously learning the art of writing and the patterns in the world of authorship.

The smell of a book is incomparable to anything in this world. Currently, fiction is something that has a great market and which is attracting me. I want to explore it. Akash, reading and writing books makes me feel happy and they are helping me to create my legacy as well.  

Any tips for the Lit Blogging audience?

Dear bro, you are already doing great. The only tip that I want you to give is to focus more on building and nurturing your business relationship.

Final Words

First of all, I would like to thank Santosh Gairola for being part of our interview series and also for sharing such amazing valuable information.

I hope you get some amazing valuable knowledge from this interview with Santosh Gairola.

Now it’s your turn to share your feedback in the comments and tell me how you like this interview.

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  1. Hi Akash Bro,

    I am following Santosh Sir’s Blog from about 4 months & I have to say, its one of the best blog for learning Blogging, SEO. I have got many strategies from his blog, BloggingCosmos.

    Thanks for inviting him on your blog.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Pravakar Singh


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