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Hey Guys, Welcome To This LB Interview Series, Where I am going to invite pro bloggers and influencers and ask them about their online journey and question that helps you to grow in this online world.

So today I introduce you to Santanu Debnath a blogger and software consultant and also the founder of

I asked him many questions about Blogging and his online world journey, and I hope all these questions will help you a lot to grow your blog.

He is like an online guru to me. I learn a lot of things from his blog articles, and I think you will also learn something from this interview.

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Interview With Santanu Debnath Founder Of

Question 1: First of all, introduce yourself and your blogs to Lit Blogging Audience.

Interview With Santanu Debnath Founder Of Bloggingjoy

Thanks, brother for inviting me to your blog. Hello everyone, I am Santanu Debnath. Professionally I am a software consultant, but also pursue an interest in Blogging. I share my knowledge & experiences about Blogging and WordPress on and also share exclusive guides related to web hosting on Besides that, Manidipa (my better half) and I run a few more blogs together.

Question 2: How and When You Came into this blogging field?

Back in 2007, when I first started looking for online money making options, I found various programs and schemes. I tried many of them but failed badly as most of them were scams. Then I came to know about Google AdSense while searching the internet and gradually got into Blogging. It took me some time to implement Google AdSense and earn my first $100 from AdSense. I was not serious enough at that time, so I took actions very slowly.

Question 3: What Is your motive to start blogging? It’s just a passion, or you started a blog just to make some extra money.

I wanted to create an extra income source that can support me to live a better life, or you can say a backup plan. But the more I got involved with Blogging and started understanding the process, I discovered a different interest for that. Honestly, I found an amazing way to engage with myself through Blogging and work without getting tired.

Question 4: Tell us about the problems that you faced in the initial days of your blogging journey?

The major problem I faced, in the beginning, is time management. After working full-time, it’s challenging to give time to Blogging. In fact, it was very difficult for me to execute some blogging plans, and most of the time, I was not able to do that. Because of that, my interest kept changing, and I ended up starting many websites in different niches. But gradually, as my interest and knowledge grew, I was able to keep myself within one niche and kept sharing more knowledge on that.

Question 5: After starting your Blogging journey, how much will it take to get your first income? How much was that income?

I got to know about Google AdSense around the end of 2008. Then I created a blog on the Google Blogger platform and started writing many posts. But due to lack of knowledge and time, it took more than 3 years for that blog to earn my first $100 through AdSense.

Question 6: How many blogs are you running right now, and how you manage all of them at the same time?

Although I have multiple blogs, I am working actively on 2-3 only. My wife Manidipa is a full-time blogger & she has good experience in Digital Marketing. We work together on all our blogs. Personally, I work mostly on weekends and execute all my plans smoothly.

Question 7: As you mention on your blog that you are a part-time blogger So tell us How you manage both your job and blogs.

On weekdays, I hardly work for 2-3 hours for my blogs & Facebook Group. However, on weekends I dedicate my full day on different blogging activities. Also, Manidipa is always there to help me manage things smoothly.

Question 8: Have you ever thought to do Blogging full time and what you say to those people who quit their jobs and then start blogging?

Honestly, I never thought like that. I enjoy my work either in Blogging or profession. And I am able to manage both at the same time as well. So, right now I don’t have any such plan. About people who are quitting their jobs, I believe it’s their personal choice or personal call.

Question 9: Recently, I see that you redesign your blog So tell us the importance of blog design now?

User experience is a very crucial criterion in web designing. If you look around, you will find that almost every website is looking different, visually appealing, and very dynamic. I felt this is the need of the current time and took the decision to redesign my entire website.

I wanted to do that for a long time but was not able to find a suitable theme. Finally, I found Thrive Theme Builder, a powerful WordPress theme builder with a very easy to understand interface. I am not a professional web designer, but hope I was able to create a good design.

Question 10: Now starting a blog is easy, but every newbie wants to know how to get traffic on their new blog. So Tell us some tips to get traffic on new blogs.

Yes, with the help of WordPress creating a blog is very easy. But getting traffic is the most challenging task. Blogging is no more a hobby; it’s pure business. That’s why the competition is very high. So, to get the initial traffic to a new blog, one has to understand the different traffic sources they can target and how easily they can work on them. You can refer to this article about how to get traffic to your blog post after publishing.

Question 11: Tell us about your blog monetization methods and which method you suggest to newbies in their starting days

There are various ways one can monetize a blog. Personally, I prefer Affiliate Marketing, and most of my income comes from that. I also earn a little through Google AdSense & sponsored posts.

As a beginner, one has to decide what kind of blog they want to create and accordingly choose Affiliate Marketing or Google AdSense. You can also combine both and create a website, but you must know what to write and how to get traffic from Google (organic traffic) to get the conversion.

Question 12: Share some tools that you are using to take your blog next level and make Blogging easy.

In recent years, I am invested heavily in my blog. Among them here are a few of the important tools I want to mention:

Question 13: Last but not least Some suggestions for my blog Lit Blogging.

Your blog is looking great and I found your content is also amazing. Just keep sharing more amazing content on your blog so that you can help people by resolving their problems. Thanks again for inviting me to your blog to share my blogging journey with your audience.

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First of all I would like to thank Santanu Debnath for being part of our interview series and also for sharing such amazing valuable information.

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