Interview With Anil Agarwal The Man Behind

Interview With Anil Agarwal

Hey Guys, Welcome To This LB Interview Series, Where I am going to invite pro bloggers and influencers and ask them about their online journey and question that helps you to grow in this online world.

So today I introduce you to Anil Agarwal a professional blogger and also the founder of

I asked him many questions about Blogging and his online world journey, and I hope all these questions will help you a lot to grow your blog.

He is like a mentor to me. I learn a lot of things from his blog articles, and I think you will also learn something from this interview.

Guys, are you excited to read this amazing interview???

Okay, let’s dive into it…

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Interview With Anil Agarwal The Man Behind

Question 1: Hey Anil, I’m sure you need no introduction, but for people who don’t know about you please tell a few words about you and your work.

Sure Akash

Guys my name is Anil Agarwal and I blog at

I have been running the BloggersPassion blog since 2010 and most of the revenue on my blogs comes via affiliate marketing and selling my own eBooks.

For the last two years, I’ve been blogging full time and earning $10K plus money every month from the BloggersPassion blog only.

I have been working in the Blogging and SEO domain since 2004. With my blogs, I try to help my blog audience in taking their blogging journey to the next level.

Question 2: How did you get into blogging? What inspired you to start blogging?

I was inspired by the success of pro bloggers like Darren Rowse and Amit Agarwal who were doing wonders with their blogs.

The primary motive behind getting into blogging was money as I was not able to earn enough money from my full-time job. So to live a comfortable lifestyle, I got into blogging.

The blogging word was first introduced to me when I started using and other blogging platforms to create backlinks and to spread the word about the companies I was working for.

Question 3: How many blogs are you running now? Feel free to share your other blogs.

Sharing my blog URL below.

I started working on in 2019 and from this month only. Right now, I’m not getting time to work on Taam Digital. 

Question 4: How many hours do you work on your blogs? Please share your daily schedule with us.

Before COVID19, I was able to give six hours at least to my blogs daily (from Monday to Friday) and one or two hours on the weekends.

But due to COVID issues, I mostly stay at home and all days look the same (No difference between Sunday & Monday).

These days, I’m able to give four hours of dedicated effort only to my blogs and for the rest of the day, I happen to be busy with my household work, kids and their studies, etc.  

Question 5: What are your main sources of earnings and your other revenue sources?

For the last few years, most of our revenue was coming while selling affiliate products. We are selling Hosting, WordPress Themes & Plugins, and SEO tools related to affiliate products.

This year, we started launching our own products and we started with creating eBooks. So far we have launched a couple of eBooks and you can access them from here. We are working on our next eBook which is going to be around search engine optimization.

So far we made more than $7000 while selling our eBooks.  

Question 6: According to you Which one is best for bloggers Google Adsense(any other ad network) or affiliate?

It will depend upon the content type you are creating on your blog. If most of the contents on your blog are for educational purposes, you can go with Google Adsense. And if you are talking about certain products as solutions on your blog, you can give a try affiliate marketing as well.

You can also do both of them. On information pages, you can show Google Adsense ads and pages where you can promote an affiliate product, give a try to that.

I have written a detailed guide on Affiliate marketing vs Google Adsense. I’m sure your blog audience will love it.

Question 7: Now making a blog is very easy but the main problem that every newbie is facing now is traffic. So How do get traffic on a new blog?

There are three things you can do to get traffic to a new blog:

  • Go for the keywords where you see new website rankings in the top 10 slots.
  • Write content that should be better than the top 10 ranked pages. Your content should have answers to all the questions users have about the topic you will be writing about.
  • And most importantly, market your content. You won’t get the desired results by the time you don’t promote your blog content. Share them on your social handles, create videos around important topics and reply to relevant questions on Quora type of platforms.

Question 8: What is one mistake that you think most of the bloggers are doing today and the solution for that?

Akash lots of blog owners are not understanding the true potential of keyword research. They keep writing about the topics that come to their mind and expect good results from Google searches.

Guys if you need traffic from Google search, you cannot skip the keyword research process. You should have some keywords in place for each and every content that you are creating on your blog.

If you are not good at keyword research, you can download my premium keyword research ebook which will help you become a master of this skill.

Question 9: There is a lot of wrong information about affiliate marketing in the blogging market now. So tell us the best way to get success in affiliate marketing.

First of all, make a list of all premium products that you are using or have used in recent time. Now pick only those products from this list that you found most useful and you won’t hesitate in recommending them to others.

Look out for the affiliate programs for these products and join them if they have an affiliate program in place.

Now you can start creating content around those products on your blog. You can do product reviews, products comparison, dedicated posts around their features, problems that are solved by a particular product, etc.

Next, you have to promote those contents more, bring traffic to them from different channels, and enjoy the affiliate sales your way.

Question 10: Share some tips about how to increase affiliate sales using blog posts.

Let me share some tips here that could help your blog audience in increasing their sales from affiliate marketing channels:

  • Don’t promote too many products in the beginning. If you are thinking of promoting SEO tools on your blog, pick one or two best SEO tools only for promotion.
  • Work towards improving your conversion rate. You can use a heat map tool like Crazy Egg to know where your readers are actually clicking. You can add a call to action in those places. It should help with more affiliate sales from the same traffic.
  • If you are ranking towards the end of the first page for keywords that could help you with more affiliate sales, try to improve your ranking. Improve its speed, and content quality and build some relevant backlinks for it.

Question 11. What are your future plans for blogging?

I want to improve traffic and revenue from the blogs I’m working on in the coming years. Apart from this, I want to launch my premium courses sometime next year. And would also love to focus more on creating video content for my YouTube channel.

You guys can subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Question 12. According to you how much time it will take for a beginner to make money through their blog.

There is no fixed time as such which will take for someone to get some success with their blogs. It depends upon lots of factors like efforts being made and the skill set of a person.

Still, you can consider one year as the minimum time in most cases if someone works with lots of passion on his/her blog. You cannot get success with your blog if you are not giving full effort from your end.

Question 13: As we all know from the last 3 months due to COVID-19 many big companies are in lost and also many people lost their jobs. So I want to know how much money you made in the last 3 months from your blogs. (Please share some earning stats if you don’t have any issues with it).

Over the last six months, we are able to earn $10K to $12K every month from our blogs. Most of this revenue comes while selling affiliate products. We did not see any drop in our revenue during COVID19 pandemic.

interview with anil agarwal pro blogger

And one more payment I got from the Bluehost affiliate team:

anil agarwal income

I wrote a detailed case study around the SEMrush affiliate program recently which could be really helpful for those who want to earn more from affiliate marketing.

Question 14. How can my blog readers connect with you?

They can connect me on Facebook and join my Facebook group, which is already joined by 12K plus like-minded bloggers like you. And if you have any questions for me, can mail me at [email protected]

Final Words

First of all, I would like to thank Anil Agarwal for being part of our interview series and also for sharing such amazing valuable information.

Guys, I hope you got some amazing information from this interview with Anil Agarwal.

Now it’s your turn to share your feedback in comments and tell me how you like this interview.

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  1. Hey Akash Sir,

    I am Very Happy Because I learned Many New Things From This Interview Today. Anil Sir is truly a Fantastic Blogger who shares All of his blogging related knowledge at his blog. I Wish You To Continue This Interview Series.

    Pravakar Singh

  2. At this time, now in 2023…
    Bloggerspassion founder Anil Agarwal is one of the popular bloggers in india.. Without any doubt…
    In his site bloggerspassion, it is getting a minimum of 300k visits/month from google… It’s awesome…. 👍🏻


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