Best Free Web Hosting Services To Consider In 2024

Looking for the best free web hosting service? Here you will get that. But before that let’s know a little bit more about free hosting services. Is Free Hosting good? Free hosting is ok but free is not always good in the long run.

Free hosting is good for personal use like college projects, and testing websites, themes, and plugins but for the website you want to create for your business, it’s not recommended to use free hosting service because it comes with a lot of limitations which I mentioned below.

If you are looking for a hosting service to host your business website or to start a blog then you can go with premium hosting which does not cost you more than $2 – $4 per month. Here is my recommendation for a premium hosting service.

The limitations of free web hosting

If you get everything from free hosting providers then no one spends their money on paid hosting services. The truth is you will get what you pay for. So If you choose the free hosting service then you will get many issues or you can say limitations in hosting service.

You will get limitations like limited disk space, bandwidth, Less RAM, limited emails, databases, and many other features that you will not get in the free hosting service. Still, free hosting is good for practicing WordPress themes and plugins, web designing, and development skills.

However, if you need a live website without any drawbacks then you should consider other affordable web hosting services which provide good quality web hosting at affordable rates.

1. Hostinger

Hostinger free hosting

Hostinger is a very popular hosting provider all over the World. It is popular for its good quality and affordable web hosting but many people don’t know that Hostinger also provides lifetime free hosting for beginners.

Features of Hostinger Free Hosting

  • Lifetime Free Hosting Plan
  • Cloudflare Protected Nameservers
  • Free Domain
  • SSD Disk Space
  • Host 1 Website
  • 1 FTP Account
  • 1 Database
  • 99% Server Uptime

Pros of Hostinger

  • Lifetime free web hosting
  • Offers SSD Disk space
  • Cloudflare protected nameservers
  • 99% Server Uptime

Cons of Hostinger

  • Free website hosting is only suitable for up to 300 monthly website visitors

How to get started with Hostinger Free hosting?

To grab the free web hosting from Hostinger click on this special link.

Once you are on the Hostinger web hosting site, click on the “Free Hosting Website” button to grab the lifetime free web hosting.

Does Hostinger Provide Paid Hosting?

Yes, Hostinger offers paid web hosting and its plan starts from just $1.80 monthly where you will get all essential features like:

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Fast Storage Space
  • Managed WordPress
  • WordPress Acceleration and more.

Final Thought About Hostinger

Hostinger is a popular name among bloggers and web hosting geeks. Millions of websites are hosted on Hostinger hosting.

2. InfinityFree

InfinityFree Web Hosting

InfinityFree also provides a 99.9% server uptime guarantee. Infinity Free hosting provider features.

  • Free subdomains
  • 5 GB disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 400 MySQL databases
  • Knowledge base support

You also get an option of Softaculous Script Installer to set up WordPress. InfinityFree doesn’t allow domain registration service but you can use your domain if you registered it with any other domain registrar.

InfinityFree is powered by iFastNet, which also offers premium hosting. The cheapest plan starts at $4.99 monthly and includes six free domains, unlimited disk space, and more features.

Learn How to Start a Free WordPress Website?



ByteHost is another free hosting provider that you can consider to try free hosting. Here are the features of ByetHost Free Hosting

  • 1000 MB (one gigabyte!) Disk Space
  • FTP account and File Manager
  • Control Panel (VistaPanel)
  • MySQL databases & PHP Support
  • Free tech support
  • Addon domain, Parked Domains, Sub-Domains
  • Free Community Access (Forums)
  • Clustered Servers
  • No ads!

ByetHost provides its own control panel instead of cPanel their control panel is VistaPanel.

Like InfinityFree, ByetHost is managed by iFastNet. This company provides a variety of web hosting services at affordable prices. For instance, the Ultimate Premium plan comes with unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and addon domains. It starts at $7.99 per month.

4. HyperPHP


HyperPHP is a very old free hosting provider which recommended for personal websites. HyperPHP also provides premium hosting which starts at

  • 1000 MB Disk Space
  • FTP account and File Manager
  • Control Panel
  • MySQL databases & PHP Support
  • Free tech support
  • Addon domain, Parked Domains, Sub-Domains
  • Free Community Access (Forums)
  • Clustered Servers
  • Webmail email Accounts
  • Softaculous
  • Cron Jobs
  • SPF Records
  • Automatic Self-Signed SSL

HyperPHP is also managed by iFastNet. However, if you want to build a professional business website, we recommend upgrading to a paid plan. Starting at just $4.99 per month, these premium hosting plans include advanced features such as Cloudflare Railgun, which can help speed up your site and deliver a smoother user experience.

5. AwardSpace


AwardSpace provides both free and paid web hosting their free hosting is limited to 5000/month visits. Here are the features of AwardSpace’s free hosting.

  •  a free subdomain
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • App Installer
  • Email Sending
  • No Ads

Once launched, your own website will be ad-free. Plus, you can place ads to monetize it. AwardSpace provides you with the ability to monitor your bandwidth usage as well, which may help you budget your resources.

6. Freehostia


Freehostia provides a variety of web hosting services they provide free hosting to try out their service and after that, if you like it you can upgrade to their premium plans. Freehostia’s free hosting features.

  • 5 Hosted Domain(s)
  •  250MB Disk Space
  •  6GB Monthly Traffic
  •  3 E-mail Accounts
  •  1 MySQL v.5 Databases
  •  10MB MySQL Storage

Freehostia’s premium hosting starts at $6 per month which comes with 20GB of Disk Space, 1GB of RAM, and 1TB of Bandwidth.

7. FreeHosting


FreeHosting is a popular free hosting provider but it comes with a lot of limitations so here are the features you will get with your free hosting plan.

  • 100% free hosting for a lifetime
  • Hosting for your own domain name
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Linux / Apache / PHP / MySQL

Here are the features you didn’t get with their free hosting plan.

  • Free subdomain hosting
  • Free domain hosting
  • PHP mail() and sendmail program
  • Server configuration changes
  • You can use their hosting if you are from Brazil, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, and Vietnam.

If you want to get these features then you have to pay for them and the price for these features is really very high.

8. FreeWebHostingArea


It comes with a very old web hosting interface that you can try for your website.

  • 1500MB free web space
  • Unmetered traffic
  • no ads for new sites
  • free mysql databases
  • SSI support (Server Side Includes – .shtml)
  • Free SubDomain Hosting

To use FreeWebHostingArea, your free site must have at least one visitor per month. It can be deleted due to inactivity if you drop below this metric. This service also prohibits private projects, APIs, and password-protected websites.

FreeWebHostingArea provides backups for all hosting accounts, although it’s recommended you create your own as well. You can bring a domain or purchase one through the provider’s own service.

9. Google Cloud Hosting


Google Cloud Hosting isn’t technically free. However, it does offer a one-year free trial that includes:

  • One website
  • Unlimited storage
  • Extensive support documentation

While Google Cloud Hosting is tailored toward large businesses, anyone can use it. To get started, all you need is a Google account.

The free trial lasts for 12 months, or until you’ve used up the $300 credit it includes. After this, you only pay for the resources you use. Google offers a price calculator to help you estimate your costs.

10. GoogieHost


GoogieHost is another free hosting provider which is powered by YouStable. But here you need manual approval for your free hosting service in most cases your account will be not approved by them. To approve your account they ask for your documents like student ID or other IDs.

GoogieHost Features –

  • NVMe SSD Based Web Hosting
  • Short Subdomain Name
  • Premium SitePad Website Builder
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • No Ads on Your Website

11. ProFreeHost


ProFreeHost is another popular free hosting provider which you can consider to host your website.

  • Unlimited Diskspace
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • MySQL Databases
  • Easy Control Panel
  • Website Builder
  • 100% Free
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Free Subdomains
  • No Forced Ads

ProFreeHost looks attractive when we see its features but behind the scenes nothing like it are many limited servers that are not that reliable. It’s ok to test any tool on the hosting but if you want to build any business website then it’s not recommended.

Conclusion – Best Free Web Hosting Services

In this article, I compared the best free hosting providers to tell you about the best free hosting service for you. However free hosting is not perfect but it’s good for starting out and testing purposes. My top pick from this list is GoluHost which provides really good free hosting for a lifetime with its 24/7 support system and one-click script installation of 440+ scripts along with WordPress.

Note- If you are looking for hosting for a live project or business website then I don’t recommend using free hosting instead you can go with affordable web hosting services like Hostinger.

Have any questions about whether free web hosting is right for your needs? Ask us in the comments!

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