250+ Free Guest Posting Sites List with High DA

Guest Posting is one of the best ways to build quality backlinks for your blog but the difficult thing is finding the right blog which is related to your niche. So to make it easy for you I made a list of 250+ blogs in different niches where you can write guest posts for free.

In one line this is the best 250+ Free Guest Posting Sites List that you can find on the internet. All the websites I added to this massive list are high-quality websites. This helps you to increase your article’s ranking in SERP it also helps you to build your blog authority which is really good to make good connections and trust with your audience.

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This article is not like other articles you found on other blogs with just a list of websites. Here along with the list of 250+ free guest posting sites, I will share the email template which I personally used to pitch for the guest post and I am 100% sure that this email template will help you to build quality backlinks for your blog.

So are you ready to see this massive list of free guest posting sites? and that amazing email template.

Let’s dive into it,

Before starting the list let’s discuss the benefits of guest posting and how guest posting will help you in your blogging career.

Benefits of guest posting

We all know the importance of guest posting, but I am going to share some major benefits of guest posting.

  • To increase our website domain authority (DA) and search engine ranking.
  • For building relationships with experts and fellow bloggers in your field.
  • You will get high-quality backlinks on your niche sites.
  • Drive more targeted traffic
  • It also helps in branding

These are some fantastic benefits of guest posting.

List of 250 + Guest Posting sites (with DA Analytics)

Now no need to search for guest posting sites this is the only article that you need. No matter in which niche you are working. Here you will get free guest posting sites in every niche.

Note: DA (Domain Authority) and Spam Score mentioned in this article are checked by the MOZ SEO tool.

WebsitesDA (Domain Authority)Spam Score
PC Stacks631%
WP Reset552%
PACE Business551%
WP Newsify573%
MY WP Tips585%
EVR Mag518%
Hi-tech Weirdo554%
Techy Eyes652%
Under construction page591%
Boost Up Blogging570%
Tidy Repo603%
Techie Event644%
WOAH Tech651%
Blog Wolf661%
Web Factory591%
Theme Circle583%
Unit Conversion566%
Save The Video577%
The Better Web Movement562%
Tech Stormy533%

Blogging Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
Daily Blogging TipsSubmit Post5864,1629%
Blog SoluteContact47385,8251%
John ChowSubmit Guest Post5757,21018%
Hell BoundJoin HBB4449,8881%
The Blog HeraldGuest Post60128,1731%
Content MarketingJoin For Guest Post7711,7161%

Marketing Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
HubSpotSubmit your Post927161%
Dealer MarketingWrite Post41278,0863%
HingeWrite Stuff5263,2202%
KikolaniContact Kikolani49127,9611%
Marketing ProfsWrite for us7616,5371%
B2B MarketingGet Involved6861,9081%

SEO Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
TechWyseSubmit your Post5475,5411%
SEO HackerWrite Post5129,0821%
Mangools BlogWrite for us4032,4361%
Pole PositionWrite for us44138,7561%
LinkodyWrite for linkody4327,5261%
Serpstat blogGuide5320,39424%
Jeff BullasWrite guest post7221,3291%
SEO BlogContribute4248,5461%
Search engine landContribute9021,8090%
S.E RoundtableContact us7658,5081%

Social Media Marketing Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
MashableSubmit your Post931,6761%
CoScheduleWrite Post7015,8351%
Post PlannerGuest6613,3944%
Social Media TodayContribute Now7820,1051%
The Mention BlogWrite Now6711,7150%
Social Media WeekWrite for us7090,7640%
AgorapulseContact us646,9591%
Brand24 BlogWrite Now5715,7672%
SociableblogSubmit News48276,1970%
Dlvr.itWrite for us6211,5537%

Email Marketing Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
BenchmarkWrite Guest Post646,6011%
Get ResponseWrite for us821,8021%

Business Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
All BusinessGuest Post8034,8621%
Success.comWrite for us7713,69747%
MyCorporationGuest Post59101,3453%
GrowmapGuest Blogging4859,5341%
OutbrainGuest Posting824607%
inc.comSubmit post922,0761%
TweekyourbizWrite for us5732,0151%
Godaddy BlogContribute931572%
Successful-blogShare story51481,9331%
The Economic TranscriptGuest Post131,406,784

Tech Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
ManningWrite for us6617,5571%
MakingDifferentWrite for us46206,1750%
VentureBeat Submit guest post927,2191%
TechLila Write for us45143,2121%
iamwireGuest Posting58120,6636%
TechiBhai Contribute38275,0624%
iTechCode Write for us37151,2370%
Colocation AmericaLet’s write50115,2391%
PragProg Write for us62135,4442%
Inspirationfeed Guest Writing7430,7031%
All Tech Buzz Contact5737,15816%
TechWalls Write for us5636,4442%
SlashdotSubmit a story9110,9921%
Read WriteSubmit8624,4723%

Web Designing and Development Sites

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
Quertime Write for us50233,2361%
Cats Who CodeGuest Blogging4972,4242%
FatbitWrite for Fablog5018,6638%
Alist ApartContribute7941,2671%
Vandelay DesignWrite for us5962,0910%
Creative BlogWrite for CB875,0392%
iTechCode Write for us37151,2370%
Web Design LedgerContribute8784,6127%
Instant ShiftWrite for us6974,76559%
InDesignSecretsWrite for us5967,3060%
Men with PensGuest Writing49389,2101%
WebDesignerDepotWrite for us8118,6721%
SpeckyboySubmit Article6613,4925%
appendToSubmit a story91139,0171%
CollectiveRayWrite for us4642,6761%
HongkiatWrite for us8611,1481%
Writer’s Relief Guest Blogging51204,8231%
Smashing MagazineWrite now9113,5505%

Entertainment Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
Milwaukee MagWrite Guest Post63343,2910%

Health and Fitness Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
Well-Being SecretsWrite for us52511,7961%
mindbodygreenWrite Guest Post8713,1341%
The Master CleanseWrite for us56299,1211%
Tim BlogRequirements7412,6320%
HealthResource4U Write for us38190,9973%
Idea Fit Guideline6549,0101%
KevinMDSubmit Post6777,5461%
T NationGuide715,2621%
Natural NewsContribute8419,,7721%
Trail RunnerWrite for us56257,0051%
MercolaSubmit Story919,1532%

Finance Blog

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
MoneySavingMomWrite for us6647,4221%
Modest MoneyWrite Guest Post5592,58217%
Wise BreadWrite for us7140,8741%
Geek Estate Contribute44341,7131%
FinancesOnlineWrite for us7110,7100%
Investing.comSubmit Post911871%
Money CrashersWrite for us7314,6841%
Bigger PocketsContact us807,6096%
MoneyMiniBlogWrite for us49172,4912%
InvestopediaSubmit Story913792%
The Military Wallet Write543791%

Photography Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
Light StalkingWrite for us57106,2401%
Steves DigicamsSubmit Story70271,1111%

Travel Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
Boarding AreaWrite for us8228,4150%
Global GrasshopperSubmit Story59133,2311%
The Travel ManuelWrite for us45393,4391%
foXnoMadGuest Post65293,8823%
NomadsWorld Write for us55246,9611%
HostelbookersWrite for us7277,0030%
eDreams Guest post6329,5781%
Go AbroadWrite for us6532,67713%
The Planet DWrite now6867,9781%

Fashion Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
HelloGiggles Contact us8835,9331%
PRCouture Write for us49216,66411%
Glitter GuideWrite for us56225,7280%
Offbeat BrideContribute73204,3251%
College FashionGuest Post64105,2772%
Fashionista Write for us8522,7274%
Love My DressWrite for us55570,4587%
Just JaredGuest post8729,5789%

Food Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
HindawiContact us803,7561%
Taste of HomeWrite for us833,8611%
One Green PlanetWrite for us7732,3101%
Tori AveyContribute6670,2494%
InsteadingGuest Post61200,3903%
Fashionista Write for us8522,7274%
Mother Earth LivingWrite for us71166,4211%
Menuism DiningGuest post61143,8777%
Food DiveSubmit4888,2661%
DisneyFoodBlogGuest posting6467,6244%
The KitchnSubmissions843,4301%

Pet Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
The BarkContact us6494,6321%
PetfulWrite for us66151,8831%
EntirelyPetsWrite for us56133,9541%
Dogs NaturallyContribute5962,6221%
DogTipperGuest Post57254,4690%

Political Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
POLITICOWrite for us921,0508%
open Democracy Write for us7852,1441%
WomenOnBusinessWrite for us50217,8230%

Education Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
Edutopia Write for us8020,7351%
ASUWrite for us913,5243%
eLearn MagazineWrite for us906,3451%
Texas universityContribute933,6731%
The PIE NewsWork for us57105,1081%
Getting SmartGuidelines7981,3003%
Infed.org Contribution61176,5823%
Open CollegesContribute6242,7372%
SimpleK12Submit your post4964,8821%
Teach.comGuest Post5691,94810%
ASCD.orgWrite for ASCD7225,6364%
CosmoBC.comWrite for us44223,16810%

Make Money Online Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
IncomeDiaryWrite for us5928,7402%
LeavingWorkBehindGuest Post45169,3290%
OnlineincometeacherWrite for us42340,8510%

Entrepreneurship Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
KillerStartupsSubmit Guest Post5867,2042%
Addicted2Success Write for us6348,0980%
YFS MagazineContribute57152,8081%
Foundr Contributor5810,6820%
StartupBrosGuest Blogging5230,6590%
SmallBizClubWrite for us45109,9301%
EntrepreneurshipSecretGuest Post3592,2700%

Sports Blog

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
OffThePostGuest Post58690,3951%

Self Development Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
SelfGrowth Submit Article6223,7642%
Psychology TodayGuidelines931,6253%
Lifehack Contribute843,3294%
Your TangoSubmission8214,8971%
Dumb Little ManContribute6383,2553%
Pick The BrainSubmission6588,7442%

Real Estate Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
EscapeArtistWrite for us60100,9922%
International LivingWrite for us6840,1964%

Lifestyle Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
CraftGossipWrite for us59203,1331%
LivingrichwithcouponsSubmit Guest Post5685,7251%
Elephant JournalWrite7541,8631%

Family Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
Working MotherGuidelines7070,4631%
IndiewireContact Us894,8851%
5 Minutes For MomJoin Team62185,4741%
The Sits GirlsSubmit Blog67110,2952%
Adoptive FamiliesSubmit Guest Post57960,7021%
Cafe MomContribute867,7081%
Virginia Mag Guidelines57298,7551%
Modern MomContact69267,9150%
Metro ParentGuidelines57234,6341%
Living Well MomSubmission58312,0841%

Law Blogs

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
Attorney at WorkGuidelines49262,8521%
LawFuelWrite for us52193,8042%
Above the LawSubmission8038,7400%
ABA for Law StudentsWrite for us48555,2091%

News Sites

Site NameContact PageDAGlobal Alexa RankSpam Score
Fast CompanyWrite for us523,9621%
Forbes.comWrite for us952251%
Wall Street JournalWrite for us944272%

How to approach for guest posting?

This is the main part after choosing the site where you want to publish a guest post. Because if you can’t approach them properly, the site owner will never accept your guest post.

That’s why I made an email template for you to approach for guest posting.

Here is the amazing email template for you.


Here is the template that I am using personally.

Believe me,

I have been using this template for a long time and most of the time I get positive responses.

I hope this guest posting email template will also help you in guest posting.

FAQ About Guest Posting

  1. What is guest posting?

    Guest Posting is also known as guest blogging. Guest Blogging is writing content for another website in the same industry websites. Guest bloggers write articles in the same industry to boost domain authority and attract traffic.

  2. Why is guest posting important?

    Guest posting is important to boost domain authority by linking your website to other high-authority websites. 

  3. Is guest posting safe in SEO?

    Yes, guest posting is 100% safe in terms of SEO because guest blogging and SEO work together when you write useful content on high-authority websites it improves your SERP ranking and also brings traffic to your website.

Conclusion – Free Guest Posting Sites List

In this article, I shared 250+ websites where you can publish guest posts for free and build high-quality backlinks Also I share an amazing email template to contact blog owners for guest posts. If you still have any questions you can ask that in the comment section also don’t forget to join our premium Facebook group where you can learn blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, etc. from experts and like-minded people.

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