Choosing MilesWeb’s WordPress Hosting for Small Businesses and Blogs

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MilesWeb’s WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the leading CMS (Content Management System) worldwide that helps users build websites without coding expertise or knowledge. Moreover, almost 40% of websites are powered by this software. The White House website and other organizations worldwide have their domains on WordPress. Apart from domain registrations, they look for WordPress cloud hosting – save money with MilesWeb to host websites with optimal efficiency. 

These advantages and statistics will make you think that WordPress is the best CMS for developing websites. However, if small biz owners and bloggers think that WordPress hosting by MilesWeb is helpful for them or not? This guide answers!

Key benefits of WordPress for Small Businesses and Bloggers            

Let us dig into why WordPress is great for small biz and enterprises.

1.     WordPress Is Affordable                    

There are two versions of WordPress, the first one is free, and the second one is paid. Users can download it for free and start their website within minutes. Most small biz owners run on a tight budget. Thus, investing a hefty amount only on website development would hamper their other business tasks.

Don’t you think it is a win-win situation for you as a small biz owner developing sites at zero cost? You will get a reliable website for every kind of small business.

2.     Open Source Development CMS

WordPress is an open-source CMS because anyone can download and use this software and develop websites. One of the best and most important benefits of making WordPress the preferred option for small businesses. Small biz owners do not require to hire WordPress developers or any IT team to make websites on WordPress.

3.     A Range of Themes

To start designing a website, do you only consider text content? Or also look for a good design. A compelling website design helps in grabbing the attention of visitors. However, it can be very expensive for users if hired a professional developer to accomplish this task. But with WordPress, you will get a directory of free and paid pre-designed themes. There are thousands of free themes available on Pick any one of them and kickstart your website development journey.

Have you done with the website development? If yes, now is the right time to choose web hosting providers. Among many, how will you be able to pick the best one? Research their records and look which meets your requirements accordingly. 

MilesWeb is India’s best WordPress hosting provider, offering reliable hosting packages to users. Here are why small biz owners must also signup for their plans.

1.     Automatic Websites Updates

With their excellent WordPress hosting plans, your website will be automatically updated with features, versions, plugins, themes, etc. Web hosting provider MilesWeb is responsible for updating websites. Even they will not charge a single amount for this because you will be paying for their WordPress hosting plans. With advanced configurations and the latest features or updates, easily grow your website and maximize your web presence.

2.     High security

With the growing popularity of WordPress websites, it has attracted dozens of cybercriminals’ attention too. According to one report, a cyberattack happens every 40 seconds to some other websites. Hackers attack nearly 30,000 websites every day, and hundreds of billions of dollars are spent protecting them from cybercriminals.

As a small business owner, you don’t have to sign a billion-dollar deal. Pick the right MilesWeb WordPress hosting plan and get a free SSL certification for all hosted domains. With these certifications, safeguard your biz site from malicious attacks and cyberattacks.

3.     24×7 Technical Customer Support

If your website is online, it is essential that you have good customer support with round-the-clock availability. Website owners cannot predict when their website will experience technical issues. MilesWeb, a certified and reliable WordPress hosting provider, ensures that its team reaches out to you by live chat or email system.

If you’re new to WordPress hosting or don’t know too much about server management, it might be challenging to resolve technical glitches. Let IT experts at MilesWeb configure servers, install regular updates, monitor server resources and manage any technical issues.

4.     Hosting Multiple Domains

Do you intend single or multiple domains or websites to host? Low-quality web hosting providers allow you to host a single domain or website. If you need to host more than one website, or if you wish to add more websites in the future, you will not be able to do so with their basic hosting plan. As a result, choose MilesWeb WordPress hosting Turbo plan that will cost only Rs. 255 per month. The good thing about this package is it hosts unlimited domains with a good performance rate.

Final Line

Higher performance, maximum uptime and hosting with full-proof security. Get a guaranteed 99.95% uptime, free SSL certifications, managed server support and a reliable hosting infrastructure with MilesWeb. As a result, your business site will get good traffic and maximum reach among visitors worldwide.

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