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Semrush vs Similarweb Summary

Semrush is all in one SEO tool and content platform that helps you build online visibility across channels.Similarweb is a website analytics platform that can help you with some aspects of SEO.
Semrush vs Similarweb

Which one has the best features Semrush vs Similarweb

As I told you Semrush is all in one SEO tool and Similarweb is a website analytics platform.

Let me tell you this in detail but in simple language.

With Semrush you can do multiple things like Keyword Research, Content Creation, Backlink analysis, Competitor analysis, web traffic analysis, and much more.

On the other hand, Similarweb is just a traffic analysis tool where you will get just your website traffic details and if your site doesn’t have heavy traffic it’s can’t show any information So, if your website is new and doesn’t have much traffic Similarweb doesn’t show anything about that.

Now let’s see a quick feature comparison of Semrush and Similarweb with the help of a table.

Competitive Organic/Paid Search Analysis

Domains’ organic/paid positionsfrom the database of 20B keywords
(and counting) based on real
SERP results
from random clicks of actual
Keyword gap analysisIncludedIncluded
Display advertising, PLAIncludedIncluded
SERP features analysisIncludedadditional cost
Bulk analysisIncludedadditional cost

Competitive Traffic Analysis

Geographic databases190, included90, at additional cost
Data by device typedesktop & mobiledesktop data included mobile data at additional cost
Historical dataup to 4 yearsup to 3 years, at additional cost

Methodology & data collection
clickstream, GDPR compliant, keyword & backlink databases, Google SERP analysisClickstream, Partnerships
Data thresholdno thresholdfrom 5,000 monthly visits
Audience analysisIncludedadditional cost
Industry analysisIncludedadditional cost
Traffic journey analysisIncludedadditional cost
Competitive positioning mapIncludedadditional cost
Traffic metrics for the top 100 pages for any
Includedadditional cost
Bulk analysisup to 200 domains at onceNot Possible

Keyword Research

Keyword database20BUnknown
Separate metrics for desktop and mobile
Question keywordsIncludedIncluded
Click potentialIncludedIncluded
On-demand metrics updateIncludednot possible
Search intent analysis via semantic
Includednot possible

Content Marketing

Topic researchIncludedNot Possible
Content auditIncludedNot Possible
Personalized recommendations:
keyword suggestions, text length, tone
of voice, readability, plagiarism
IncludedNot Possible
WordPress & Google Docs integrationIncludedNot Possible

Social Media

Available networksFacebook, Twitter, Instagram,
LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My
Business, YouTube
Cross-platform posting & analytics IncludedNot Possible
Competitive analysisIncludedNot Possible
Social media advertisingIncludedNot Possible
Mentions monitoringIncludedNot Possible

Reporting & Collaboration

Custom PDF reports IncludedIncluded
Reporting templates IncludedIncluded
SchedulingIncludedNot Possible
Branded, white-label reports & custom themes IncludedNot Possible
Google Data Studio connectorIncludedNot Possible
External sources data embeddingIncludedAdditional Cost

API and Integrations

IntegrationsGoogle tools:
Google Analytics, Google
Search Console, Google My
Business, Google Ads

Social media:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My
Business, YouTube

Text editors:
WordPress, Google Docs

Majestic, Trello, Zapier
Google Analytics
API datatraffic
organic/paid results
top domains
position tracking
technical health
keyword research
organic/paid results
top domains

Pros and cons of Semrush and Similarweb

Every tool has some pros and cons So before buying any tool you need to know about the pros and cons of that tool.

Here now we see the pros and cons of Semrush and Similarweb

Pros and Cons of Semrush

First will see the pros and cons of Semrush with the help of a table

All in one suite of tools for SEOThe user interface is not that easy to use. If you are new you need some time to understand that
Amazing keyword research tools with a lot of details
Magic tool for writing content
Offer a free trial for all the premium plans
Extra Addon for Content Marketing and Social Media marketing
Dedicated option for local SEO
Pros and Cons of Semrush

Pros and Cons of Similarweb

Now let’s see the pros and cons of Similarweb

Good website analyticsLimited access to free plans
No free trial to try all the features
Advance SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing tools are not available
Pros and Cons of Similarweb

These are to Pros and Cons of Semrush vs Similarweb.

Best in terms of pricing Semrush vs Similarweb

Whenever you think to use any tool pricing matters a lot. Features, Support, etc. are ok but the price is the primary thing that comes to everyone’s mind.

Now let’s check which tool in Semrush vs Similarweb is value for money.

Let me tell you Semrush shared a complete price list for the users you can easily check there which plan is good for you but on the other hand, Similarweb didn’t share anything about pricing.

Semrush Pricing Details

Semrush has three different plans called Pro, Guru, and Business. Pricing is different for every plan also if you are billed monthly you need to pay a little bit more amount. But if you choose yearly billing it will be cheaper in price than monthly billing.

The price that you need to pay if you choose a yearly billing cycle

Pricing table of Semrush if you choose yearly billing cycle

The price that you need to pay if you choose a monthly billing cycle

Pricing table of Semrush if you choose monthly billing cycle

Semrush offers a free trial to try out its features. So if you want to try Semrush for free use the below button

Similarweb Pricing Details

Simiralweb didn’t share any pricing information on their website. They just have two plans first one is free and the second one is enterprises.

Semrush Traffic analytics vs Similarweb

Competitor analysis is always very important for any growing online business.

There are many tools for this work but here we are comparing the two most popular tools Semrush and Similarweb.

As I told you in the begging Similarweb is a website analytics tool. So now let’s compare it with Semrush’s website analytics feature.

Let’s see which tool gives better results (Semrush vs Similarweb)

For better understanding, I divided this comparison into seven parts that I will tell you about one by one, and at the end of the comparison of the very part, I will tell you the winner of that particular part.

Let’s dive into it,

Global and regional data

Semrush traffic analytics provides access to traffic stats from 190 countries with filter options that you can use to check stats from any individual country and the best this is all regions available in a single subscription no need to pay an extra amount for any region.

Semrush Global and regional data

On the other hand, Similarweb also has data across a whole range of territories but in Similarweb you need to pay individually for every country’s stats.


In the first part, Global and Regional data Semrush vs Simlarweb winner is Semrush because it has a large database and all-region stats can cover in a single payment.

Website traffic sources analysis

This is very important to check the traffic source of your website as well as your competitor’s website because it gives you an idea of which traffic source you need to work on more.

The most common traffic sources like search, social media, paid, direct, and referral are covered by both Semrush and Similarweb.

semrush Website traffic sources analysis

Semrush provides some extra information about traffic with the help of Semrush you can check how the website generates traffic from each channel. Also, you can get benefit from the general SEMrush subscription and reveal the researched website’s advertising campaigns, keyword strategy, and content across the media.

Similarweb provides a more detailed analysis of traffic at the basic level. Along with Search, Direct, Referal, and social media traffic sources, it shows two additional options which are email and display ads.


Here again, the winner is Semrush because it gives more insights than Similarweb about website traffic.

Keyword research

Keyword research is the part that is done for every website because it’s important to drive good traffic and the right traffic on your website. If you didn’t target the right keyword you will never get traffic on your website or the traffic that comes on your site never converts into customers.

Semrush is one of the best keyword research tools it comes with some amazing dedicated features for keyword research.

With Semrush you just need to enter your competitor’s URL and it will give you the list of all the keywords for that your competitor’s website is ranking.

Also, you will get amazing filters like keyword search volume, keyword difficulty, SERP features, and a position that helps you to choose keywords for your website that will rank easily on top of SERP.

Semrush keyword research tool

Semrush also gives you a feature called the keyword magic tool. Which provides you a lot of profitable keywords just by entering your one main keyword.

In the keyword magic tool you can use filters ( Broad match, Exact match, Keyword difficulty, include keywords, Exclude keywords, CPC volume, etc.) to get more relevant and profitable keywords for your website.

Semrush keyword magic tool

Semrush also has another feature called Keyword Gap which helps you to know about keywords on your competitors are ranking in common and you are not.

semrush keyword gap feature

Semrush also provides some more features like keyword manager and position tracking that are really helpful in keyword research.

On the other hand with Similarweb, you can also do keyword research. You just need to enter multiple websites and see what keywords they are ranking for. You’ll get to know their traffic, positions, etc. Similarweb also has good filters to help you display relevant results for the keywords.

But because Semrush has more filters and tools for keyword research So Winner is Semrush here.

Traffic to the most popular pages

Similarweb does not have any like this which helps you to see the most popular pages of any website by traffic. But Semrush has a dedicated tab in organic research you can see the most visited pages of the website.

Also, you can use filters like including or excluding terms on the page, you can check position by traffic, and much more.

website top page analytics tool by semrush

Again because Similarweb doesn’t have this feature Semrush is the clear winner of this round.

Mobile Traffic data

Semrush gives access to mobile traffic data in all plans. Where you can check both desktop and mobile traffic data with Semrush.

Nowadays Google also gives more importance to mobile SERP so analyzing mobile traffic is very important for any website.

Similarweb also provides some mobile data in their pro plan but you didn’t get any feature like this in the free plan so you need to pay to test this tool on Similarweb.

Here again, the winner is Semrush because you will get mobile traffic data in every plan of Semrush even you can try this with Semrush’s free trial.

Competitor traffic analysis

Semrush gives you a competitor list according to your website also you can compare your website with competitors. You can also analyze the audience of competitors’ websites like demographics, gender, age, and much more data.

Competitor traffic analysis by semrush

Also with SimilarWeb, you can analyze audience demographics and geo. You will see similar websites in the tool, too.

But because Semrush has more options to analyze competitor traffic so the winner is Semrush here.


When it comes to website analysis accuracy is very important because if you have accurate data only then you will get results otherwise you will just waste your time with inaccurate data.

As both Semrush and Similarweb use similar algorithms for clickstream data collection, projection, and estimation, the discrepancy is inevitable. And when comparing stats with what you see in Google Analytics, you will always see the difference in numbers.

Also now a tool in the market is providing 100% accurate data on traffic.

But Semrush always improves the accuracy over time period. Recently Semrush rolled out a huge  AI and machine learning algorithmic update that improved the traffic estimation accuracy.

The winner is again Semrush because they provide more accurate data than other tools also they improve their system with regular updates and new algorithms.

So which one is better? SEMrush or SimilarWeb?

We did a comparison with different options available in both the tools and in almost all the comparison results Semrush is the winner.

So it’s clear Semrush is better than Similarweb. So if you are thinking to get an SEO tool go with Semrush for the best results.

Wait, What still has confusion?

Ok, let me give you five more reasons to choose Semrush over Similarweb.

5 More Reasons Why You Should Choose Semrush Over Similarweb

Semrush has 50+ tools. For all key marketing channels.

With Semrush you can do all the important tasks – EO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing. It also gives you actionable recommendations that help you optimize your website, content, and marketing campaigns much faster.

Advanced SEO features

Semrush comes with advanced SEO features like semantic keyword grouping, rank tracking, backlink analysis, on-page SEO, and many more.

More accurate and current data with the Largest keyword database

Semrush has Access to 20B keywords in 142 databases for different countries. A backlink database with over 40T backlinks.

Transparent and probably cheaper pricing

Semrush is very transparent when it comes to pricing you can choose any plan you want they clearly set of features grouped for you into toolkits by purpose. No hidden costs and you can cancel the subscription anytime.

Semrush is a superior choice for most the marketers

Semrush is got a 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot.

semrush trustpilot ratings

On the other hand, Similarweb is got just a 2.3-star rating on Trustpilot.

similarweb trustpilot ratings

Now let’s see the overall rating of Semrush vs Similar web that is based on more than 1,100 reviews on G2 Reviews as of April 2021.

Data Source8.26.9
Marketing Metrics8.58.1
Keyword Suggestions9.08.6
Web Tracking8.77.5
Role management8.38.3
Support Quality8.58.5
Overall Rating9.08.1

Conclusion Semrush vs Similarweb

In this article, I did a detailed comparison (Semrush vs Similarweb). Also tells my views on which one is best for you Semrush or Similarweb.

So I hope it helped you to make decisions on Semrush vs Similarweb. As I told you Semrush is the best choice if you want to try Semrush for free click on the below button.

That is it for Semrush vs Similarweb if you have any questions ask me in the comments section.

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