A-Ads Review 2024 – Is it the Best Crypto Ad Network?

A-Ads Review - Is it the best crypto ad network?

A-Ads Review, Is it the best crypto Ad Network? If you have the same question here you will get the best answer with all details about the A-Ads ad network. This is not just a review article that you usually find on other websites.

Here I will share the A-Ads review along with step by step tutorial on creating an A-Ads ad unit, Creating an ad campaign on A-Ads, about the affiliate program, and Payment proof. Yes, you read it right I am going to share the payment proof with all of you.

A-Ads is the perfect ad network to monetize websites with low traffic. I also wrote a detailed review of Adsterra which is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives.

A-Ads Review – One Of The Best Crypto Ad Network

Before explaining the A-Ads in detail let me give you an overview of the A-Ads ad network.

  • Available payment Schemes: CPD (cost per day), CPM bids, and CPC.
  • Ads Format: Banner Advertising.
  • Accepted Ads: no guns, no drugs, no CP.
  • Support: 24/7 Live Support.
  • Live chat: Yes,
  • Accepted Websites: All kinds of sites.
  • Traffic: Worldwide.
  • Top Geos: USA, Brazil, India, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, China.
  • Referral Bonus: 10% of the affiliate advertiser’s budget (or ½ of the A-ADS fee),
  • Payment Method: Bitcoin.
  • Payment Frequency: Automatic, daily.
  • Minimum Payout for Publishers: 1 satoshi to Faucethub.io or 0.001 Bitcoin directly to the bitcoin address.
  • Minimum Deposit for Advertisers: No restrictions,
  • Minimum sum to start an Ad campaign: no restrictions,
  • Accepted Payments: Bitcoin, Ripple, Qtum, Tether, NEO, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum Classic, Tron, Verge, BitTorrent, GameCredits, DigiByte, Komodo, Zcoin, Ravencoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, BitcoinDiamond, Horizen, PIVX, Stratis, Vertcoin;

What is A-Ads?

A-Ads is founded in 2011. It is the oldest Bitcoin ad network on the internet back then it was known as anonymous ads. A-Ads believe in a clean, safe, and free Internet and they want to make it better, so they serve only unobtrusive ads no cookies, no pop-ups, and no JavaScript.

Currently, A-Ads has 27448 earning ad units, 1275 funded Campaigns, and 14640 Active users
for last month.

A-Ads mission: Provide a simple, privacy-focused, online advertising platform funded with crypto-currencies.

A-Ads vision: Establish the premier global advertising marketplace, as a gateway to the cryptocurrency economy for B2B, B2C, and C2C.

How does A-Ads work?

A-Ads allow new publishers to monetize their traffic on websites or apps with A-Ads ads. Publishers with less traffic can make a good amount of money by displaying crypto ads using the A-Ads ad network. If you have quality traffic then you should try A-Ads.

Advertisers can who are looking to grow their business online using ads on less budget can also use A-Ads because A-ads provide options like fixed CPM, daily budget limit, etc. to reach a wider audience on less budget.

A-Ads allow banner ads only. No popup ads, video pre-roll, and push notifications because A-Ads believes that advertising must be not annoying for Internet users, they stand for ethical advertising and making the Internet a better and clean place.

they don’t cheat and they don’t spy. They have a perfect business reputation and maintaining it since 2011. Payments to publishers are always on time. And if there are some technical issues at their fault, they’ll probably make refunds.

And I say they don’t spy because they don’t require any personal data from users. This means you can work with them absolutely anonymously if you want, not providing even an email! If you create anonymous campaigns or ad units, you won’t face those dull verifications and filling in long questionnaires, nothing of the sort. 

Special features of A-Ads

  1. Great anonymity.
  2. Non-penetrating advertising, not annoying banners, is “ethical advertising”.
  3. Payment is always on time.
  4. They do not cheat.
  5. Publishers can filter out unwanted ads.
  6. Advertisers can filter out unwanted sites.
  7. Realtime statistics.
  8. A-ADS does not place cookies on publishers’ websites.
  9. High CPM for bitcoin traffic.

Why advertisers should use A-Ads to grow their business?

A-Ads is one of the best platforms for advertisers looking for crypto traffic for their business. It only allows real traffic which means your ads will be shown to real users only no bot traffic. This thing saves a lot of money that you may waste on other advertisers because of fake or bot traffic issues.

A-Ads Benefits for Advertisers

If you are still confused about using A-Ads as an advertiser then here are some quick points that you should check out-

  • Fast and simplified process of creating Ad campaigns.
  • Websites approve the promotion of the campaigns that come from A-Ads faster than their competitors.
  • A high amount of visitor traffic from multiple sites.
  • The paying customers are 100% crypto users at the crypto-centric sites.
  • Geo-targeting benefits are available.
  • Advertisers can set their max CPM during campaigns and filter out expensive traffic.
  • Choose specific publisher sites to promote via categories.
  • Access to 24×7 customer helpdesk, telegram chat, and skype
  • Real-time statistics on average CPM, CPC, and total impressions.
  • No limits on the minimum ad creation budget.

How to create an advertising campaign

To create an advertising campaign for your business go to your dashboard and click on create an advertising campaign button


Now in the first part, you need to set up traffic settings. You get two options for traffic settings one is daily budget and the second is CPM.

In the daily budget option, you get the option to choose language and your daily budget.


If you choose CPM then you get the option to choose language, CPM Bid, and Quantity.


Now in the second part, you need to create your advertisement So here add your ad titles and banner for the ad, Before creating check the supported banner size and image format by A-Ads.


Supported ad banner size: 728×90, 468×60, 320×50, 120×60, 120×600, 200×200, 160×600, 300×250, 250×250, 336×280, 125×125, 240×400, 970×90, 320×100, 300×600, 970×250

Supported image formats for ad:  JPG, PNG, or GIF file, up to 700 Kb

Why publishers should use A-Ads to monetize their blogs?

As a publisher, A-Ads is a really good ad network to monetize your traffic. If you are a newbie blogger and not getting Adsense approval then you should try the A-Ads ad network because it’s the best network to show ads on new websites.

A-Ads is the best small publisher even for those who are getting low traffic but there is only one condition you should have real traffic on your website to earn money from A-Ads. If you are thinking that you can earn with bot traffic that it’s not possible with A-ads.

A-Ads only pay for real human traffic so if you are someone who has a website or blog with real traffic no issue if you have low traffic still you can make a good amount of money with A-Ads ad network.

A-ADS maintains non-intrusive advertising, so their banners are not annoying and not likely to spoil the impression of your site. The banners are extremely lightweight, a banner is just a plain iframe with no javascript in it. So they won’t slow your site performance and won’t cause any security issues for your site. 

Requirements to make money with A-ads ads as a publisher:

  • You should have real and quality traffic on your website
  • Bot traffic is strictly prohibited

A-Ads benefit for publishers

Here are some benefits as a publisher that you should know about A-ads.

  • No need to get approval to show ads on the website you can directly place ads on your website just by creating an A-Ads publisher account.
  • Make a good amount of money even with low traffic on the website
  • Super easy and quick process of creating ad units
  • Lightweight banners (plain iframe with no javascript);
  • Advanced dashboard to track your impressions, clicks, and earnings in real time.
  • 24/7 helpdesk for publishers
  • Payment is always on time

How to join A-Ads as a publisher and place A-Ads ads on your website

It’s very easy to use A-Ads as a publisher and place ads on your website. You just need to follow the below steps and your A-Ads publisher account will be ready in just a few minutes. There is no requirement to join A-Ads as a publisher the only thing you should know is if you want to make money with A-Ads as a publisher then you need real human traffic on your website.

Click on the below button to create your publisher account

Here click on the signup button to create your account on A-Ads


Now enter your email, solve the captcha, and then click on the signup button


Once you complete the above steps you will get an email with a password and confirmation link so check the email and fill in the password


On your account we created successfully now we just need to do some basic things like creating a username and changing the default password before creating ad unit for your website. You can do all these things from the setting section.


Now we have done all the basic things. Now let’s see how to create ad units in A-Ads and place them on your website.

To do that go to your A-Ads dashboard and click on create an ad unit button


Here you need to choose the ad unit type (Site, App, or Affiliate), Banner size, and then enter any post URL of the website on which you want to show ads.

a-ads-review-and-ad unit

At the same age you get the option to filter content (which type of ads you want to show on your website) also on the right side you will see estimate CPM and CPC and then click on create ad unit button.


Now you get an HTML ad code that you need to place on your website where you want to place ads


How to place A-Ads on your website

Once you create an ad unit now time to place that ad code on your website to start showing ads on the website. You have two options to place ad codes on your website one is manually place the code in every article or place where you want to show ads and the second option is to use the WordPress plugin to do this automatically.

So here I am showing you how to do this with the WordPress plugin because this is very easy and useful. If you are using a plugin then you just need to place the ad code just once instead of place again and again in every post or page.

The first step is to install the ad inserter plugin to your website and activate that.


Once you are done with installing the plugin go to the settings option and then ad inserter.

ad inserter plugin

Now paste the ad code here and choose where you want to show the ad on your website and click on the save settings button.

ad inserter plugin for pd placement

After placing the ad code successfully ads will start showing in just a few minutes.


This is how you can create an A-Ads ad unit and place an ad unit on your website.

Minimum Payout Threshold For Publishers

The minimum payout threshold is just 0.001 BTC once you reach this limit A-Ads will automatically release your payment to your wallet that you set to get the payout from A-Ads. If you still didn’t set any payout method then follow the below steps.

How to setup payout method in A-Ads

As a publisher you get two options to take your earned BTC one is a bitcoin wallet and the second is Faucetpay.io

To set up the payout method in A-Ads go to your dashboard > Finance> Withdrawal options

Here choose the withdrawal type, withdrawal address, and withdrawal threshold once you fill in these details enter your password and click on update withdrawal settings.


A-Ads affiliate program

Now let’s know about making money with the A-Ads affiliate program. Yes, A-Ads have a really good affiliate program where you can make money by promoting the A-Ads affiliate program. You just need to Invite new advertisers with your referral link and get half of our fees (~10% of their spending) during 6 months without any expenses.

How to join the A-Ads affiliate program

Joining A-Ads as an affiliate is really simple you just need to go to the ad creation section choose affiliate ad unit type write some description here if you want and click on create ad unit button.


Now you will get your affiliate link to start promoting A-Ads as an affiliate to start making money from the A-Ads affiliate program.


A-Ads Payment Proof

As I tell you at the beginning of the article here I am going to share the payment proof of A-Ads that you can see in the below image.


A-Ads Review and Tutorial Video

Conclusion: A-Ads Review

In this article, I share A-Ads review and tutorial also I shared A-Ads payment proof. If you still have any questions or queries about A-Ads then let me know in the comment section and I will answer that as soon as possible. If you are looking for an Adsense alternative then check out the Adsterra ad network to monetize your blog.

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