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Chemicloud Hosting Review
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Chemicloud hosting is a hosting service that is easy to use and provides a very high level of performance. This blog post will take a look at the performance of this hosting service. 

Looking for fast and reliable hosting for your website? I have this detailed ChemiCloud Review that will help you choose a blazing-fast service. We’ll be looking at Chemicloud, as well as the pros and cons of Chemicloud hosting. In order to learn more about Chemicloud, and whether it would be suitable for you, we’ll be taking a look at their hosting options. You’ll also see what their servers are like, how the quality of their support is, how quickly they are, and how much they cost. We’ll also be giving you our recommendation, so if you’re unsure about whether or not this is for you, then you’ll have your answer.

Chemicloud hosting is a hosting service that is easy to use and provides a very high level of performance. This blog post will take a look at the performance of this hosting service. If you are looking for a hosting service, this is the blog you want to read.

About Chemicloud Hosting

Chemicloud is a United States-based web hosting company that was founded in 2016. It is one of the few privately-owned, independent global web hosting companies in the industry. They say we value our customers and do everything possible to ensure their happiness. If it wasn’t for you and all of the amazing customers like you, we wouldn’t have been able to grow over the years.  This is 100% users for any web hosting company is the biggest asset.

Chemicloud is a small organization with only about 50 employees. But they value each and every customer and promise great performance and superior customer support and deliver it as well.

They are not away from any other big hosting player in the industry in fact Chemicloud has LiteSpeed servers across 7 different locations. Will talk about that in a bit.

Features – Some Amazing Reasons To Choose Chemicloud

These are some features that you should know about chemicloud web hosting because these are the features that make your website super cool also these features that you need to pay extra money on some other web hosting services.

Free Domain Name

Chemicloud offers free domain names with their hosting plans which means no need to pay extra money for your domain name the best thing is most of the domain names are covered in this free domain name offer with all the Chemicloud hosting plans.

Automated Backups

They provide daily backup service so now no worry about losing your website data also the restoring process of the data in Chemicloud is super easy even a beginner can restore the website data using Chemicloud hosting data backup options.

Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is one of the most important things that every website needs in fact now Google also takes SSL as a ranking factor which means if you don’t have an SSL certificate on your website then your website will not rank on Google’s search result page. Also, it builds a trust factor with the customers or website visitors if your website has an SSL certificate then the browser shows a secured website badge with your URL on the other hand if you don’t have an SSL on the website then it will get a not secured badge by the browser.

Here chemicloud comes to help you by providing a free SSL certificate for your website with all their hosting plans.

Reliable Email Service

Having a business email with your website is important because it looks more professional and helps you grow your business by connecting with others using your business email. Chemicloud always protects your email with its anti-spam service. Along with that Chemicloud partnered with MailChannels to ensure your email is always delivered to your customer’s inbox, not in the spam folder.

Website Builder

Chemicloud provides a super easy-to-use website builder with 350+ premade templates where you can make your website just by doing drag and drop.

As we all know most users access the internet with their mobile phones so your website should work properly on mobile and other devices. Here Chemicloud’s website builder comes with responsive website templates also you can design your responsive website by drag and drop.

One Click Software Installation

For beginners, it’s hard to install web applications on their website so instead of doing that long process, you can use Softaculous which is provided by Chemicloud Hosting to install any app like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Free CDN

Whenever we see the word CDN the only name that comes to our mind is Cloudflare because of their amazing services. Chemicloud partnered with Cloudflare to give the best experience of CDN (Content delivery network) to their users. CDN improves the page load time. Not only that, your site is protected from various online threats like DDOS attacks, etc.

SSD Storage

Chemicloud uses fast SSD drives to speed up your website access. They use SSD (Solid State Drive) to store your website data their SSD storage is 300% faster than traditional web hosting’s storage

Free Website Migration

Transferring your website from one host to another is not an easy process also if you check professional services for website migration they charge somewhere between $10-$100 or more depending on your website size.

But it’s very easy with Chemicloud web hosting. At Chemicloud a team of professionals migrates your website from your former hosting provider with 0 downtimes and the best thing is you will get this website migration service free of cost by Chemicloud.

Chemicoud Server Location


Chemicloud has data centers at seven different locations in the world. So that you can choose to host as close as possible to your visitors and it helps to load your website faster.

  1. Dallas, United States
  2. Landon, United Kingdom
  3. Sydney, Australia
  4. Frankfurt, Germany
  5. Bucharest, Romania
  6. Singapore, Singapore
  7. Mumbai, India

Plans & Pricing

Chemicloud has four different plans Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Cloud VPS Hosting. You can choose hosting plans according to your need and the best thing is that Chemicloud gives a 45-day money-back guarantee on all hosting plans.

Shared Hosting

In Shared hosting, you will get three different plans starter, Pro, and Turbo which cost you Starter $2.99/mo, Pro $4.49/mo, and Turbo $5.99/mo.

Below I added all shared hosting plans with details so that you can compare them side by side.

Websites Hosted1 WebsiteUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited Websites
SSD Disk Space20 GB30GB40GB
Suitable Monthly Visits25000 Visits50000 Visits100000 Visits
Addon DomainsUnlimitedUnlimited
Parked DomainsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free domain registration
Free Website Transfer
Free Daily Backups10 Days20 Days30 Days
CPU Cores1 Core2 Core3 Core
RAM Memory1 GB2 GB3 GB
Inodes250 000350 000500 000
Free SSL Certificates
Immediate Account Activation
24/7 Support
Softaculous 1-Click Install
Multiple Server Locations
45 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

There are some basic things that you need to know there are many other features that you will get with Chemicloud web hosting you can check those features on Chemicloud’s website.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is specially optimized for WordPress websites according to WordPress requirements. So if you want to build your website on WordPress CMS then you should choose WordPress hosting for better performance.

Same as shared hosting you will get three different plans in WordPress hosting and pricing for all the plans are WordPress Starter ($2.99/mo), WordPress Pro ($4.49/mo), and WordPress Turbo ($5.99/mo).

Below I added all WordPress hosting plans with details so that you can compare them side by side.

Websites Hosted1 WebsiteUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited Websites
SSD Disk Space20 GB30GB40GB
Suitable Monthly Visits25000 Visits50000 Visits100000 Visits
Free domain registration
Free Website Transfer
Free Daily Backups10 Days20 Days30 Days
CPU Cores1 Core2 Core3 Core
RAM Memory1 GB2 GB3 GB
Inodes250 000350 000500 000
Free SSL Certificates
Immediate Account Activation
24/7 Support
Softaculous 1-Click Install
Multiple Server Locations
45 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

Reseller Hosting

Chemicloud provides four different plans of Reseller Hosting names and pricing of plans are Kickstart ($8.99/mo), Grow ($11.99/mo), Expand ($16.49/mo), Established ($20.99/mo).

Websites HostedUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited Websites
SSD Disk Space60 GB90 GB140 GB200 GB
Bandwidth3 TB6 TB9 TB12 TB
cPanel Accounts306080100
Inodes / Cpanel Account250 000250 000250 000250 000
Free domain registration
Free Website Transfer
Free Daily Backups30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days
Free SSL Certificates
24/7 Support
Softaculous 1-Click Install
Domain Reseller Account
Private Nameservers
Brandable cPanel
White Label Option
Free WHM
Multiple Server Locations
45 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

Email Features That You Will Get With Reseller Hosting

Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Forwarders
Mail Client Setup
Email Filters
Spam Filters
Email Autoresponders

Billing Software With Chemicloud Reseller Hosting

WHMCS Starter$11.95/mo$11.95/moFreeFree
WHMCS Plus$16.95/mo$16.95/mo$16.95/mo$16.95/mo
WHMCS Professional$22.95/mo$22.95/mo$22.95/mo$22.95/mo
WHMCS Unlimited$37.95/mo$37.95/mo$37.95/mo$37.95/mo

Cloud VPS Hosting

Chemicloud provides four different plans of Cloud VPS Hosting names and pricing of plans are CVPS 1 ($39.98/mo), CVPS 2 ($59.98/mo), and CVPS 3 ($99.98/mo), CVPS 4 ($179.98/mo).

Features/PlansCVPS 1CVPS 2CVPS 3CVPS 4
Websites HostedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
SSD Disk Space80 GB160 GB320 GB640 GB
Bandwidth4 TB5 TB6 TB7 TB
Inodes5 000 00010 000 00020 000 00040 000 000
CPU (Cores)2 x 2.20GHz4 x 2.20GHz6 x 2.20GHz8 x 2.20GHz
Memory4 GB8 GB16 GB32 GB
Free cPanel/WHM
Full Management
Priority Technical Support24/724/724/724/7
Softaculous 1-Click Install
Free Migration
Free SSL Certificates
Private Nameservers
Brandable cPanel
White Label Option
Cloud Infrastructure
Multiple Server Locations
15 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

Payment Methods Available On Chemicloud


In terms of payment methods, chemicloud is a bit backward which means they have just two payment methods Credit Card and PayPal.

Our Chemicloud Hosting Testing Parameters

On Lit Blogging in review articles, we don’t just mention pricing and feature comparison. For the review article, we test products with different testing parameters. Tests that we use for web hosting review are mentioned below with details.

Chemicloud Hosting Uptime

For every online business, uptime is the heartbeat because if your website will go down and any user tries to visit the website and they see that your website is not working then that user goes to your competitor’s website and you lose that customer forever just because of website downtime.

So to check Chemicloud hosting uptime I decided to host a demo website on Chemicloud hosting to check the actual performance of the Chemicloud hosting. Here are the results that we got from Chemicloud web hosting.


As you see in the above image our website’s uptime is 100% in the last 24 hours and 7 days and in the last 30 days got 99.920% uptime that is because we are doing some maintenance otherwise the uptime is 100% off in uptime I gave 10 out of 10 to Chemicloud hosting.

Speed Of Chemicloud Hosting

Speed is also an important thing for any website because it is also a search engine ranking factor so make sure your website speed is good. For website speed testing on Lit Blogging, I use three tools GT Metrix, Pingdom, and Google Speed Insights. All results with screenshots are added below with the tool names.

Website speed testing using GT Metrix website speed testing tools.


Website speed testing using Pingdom website speed testing tools.


Website speed testing using Google Speed Insight website speed testing tools.


To optimize your existing website speed you can check out our complete guide on How to increase your website speed.

Server Response Time

On checking server response time on the US server, Got excellent server response time in US West, US East, and Canada. Chemicloud uses Litespeed servers that offer the best performance and speed.


Load Handling Of Chemicloud Web Hosting

Chemicloud Cache

Caching is the technology that helps you to speed up your website load time for users. Because Chemicloud uses LiteSpeed servers you can use the LiteSpeed cache plugin for improving your website performance.

Customer Support

Chemicloud support is really amazing I tried their support multiple times and every time I got the response within less than 30 Sec and this is really amazing. ChemiCloud offers customer service through email, ticket system, live chat, and phone. Along with all these methods, you will get many knowledgebase articles on Chemicloud’s website.


According to my personal experience, their 24/7/365 support is really fast and amazing so the support system of Chemicloud is the best.

Ease Of Use

It’s very important for every web hosting provider to provide easy to use interface to their user and Chemicloud has a super easy-to-use website builder which is 100% beginner friendly by using Chemicloud’s website builder anyone can make a website just by doing drag and dropping. Chemicloud made this, especially for beginners who don’t know but want to make stunning websites.

From Signup to choosing a template and customizing it with added drag and drop for ease of use, to publishing a website in a matter of minutes, the website builder does it all for you. You can get the website up and running in no time.

Along with all things, you will get a Softaculous app installer that helps you to install hundreds of software and apps like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal which make it super easy for everyone.

Partnered with MailChannels, an industry leader when it comes to cybersecurity, just for the purpose of providing secure and reliable email service for ChemiCloud customers. So that you don’t have to worry about email blacklisting ever.

Chemicloud Domains

Chemicloud is also a domain registrar along with a hosting services company. Usually, you will get a free domain name with every hosting plan but in case you just want to buy the domain from Chemicloud then I mentioned the pricing of some top domains.

The best thing about domain registration with Chemicloud they don’t hike their domain prices so you can renew your domain at the same price you bought it.

TLDRegistration PricingRenewal Pricing

Domain Transfer

You can easily transfer your domain names to Chemicloud and the pricing for the domain is the same as registration.


Chemicloud Security


If you own a website you must take care of the security of the website. These days number of cyber attacks is increasing if your website is hacked you will lose all your website ranking website data and your customer’s trust too. This is where ChemiCloud proves to be a savior with its impressive security features.

2FA Authentication: Two-factor authentication add an extra layer of security to your hosting account you can set up 2FA using apps like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and any other 2FA application.

Account Isolation: Chemicloud shared hosting servers use CageFS. This is a virtual filesystem that completely isolates each user’s data and processes in a CloudLinux dedicated virtual environment.

Advanced Firewall: ChemiCloud uses Immunify360 which stops cyber attacks before they even happen. Immunify360 uses a multilayer approach to protect against malicious attacks and abnormal behavior, including distributed brute-force attacks.

Proactive Defense: Checmicloud’s unique Proactive Defense technology detects and blocks malicious execution flow in runtime. It analyzes the PHP script behavior and stops it before it has a chance to harm your website.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring: ChemiCloud team is always monitoring your server and your network to provide maximum protection against online threats and attacks.

Chemicloud Backup Service

Chemicloud provides daily automatic backups for free with all their hosting plans. Chemicloud keeps your data safe and secure with daily offsite backups and stores them for up to 30 days.

All your backups on Chemicloud are managed by the Jetbackup5 tool. Along with this, you get the option of one-click restoration where you can choose what you want to restore. For manual backups, you need to use the traditional cPanel method. No modern options are provided for it.

Inode counts

One of the most things to understand about inode usage is where it is stored. Inodes are located adjacent to partition opening and serve as the storage of specific file information apart from the file name itself. For instance, all Linux directory files include an inode number and a filename so that users can easily retrieve all the metadata for a specific file by referring to the inode number.

For easier retrieval, the inode number and filenames have a separate link and index to the inode, and you can easily link the metadata denoting the file. Moreover, the different storage makes it possible for several file names to relate to a single node or a piece of data.

ChemiCloud provides the following on its shared hosting plans. 

  • Starter plan: 250k inodes
  • Pro plan: 350k inodes
  • Turbo plan: 500k inodes

Chemicloud Refund Policy

On Chemicloud you will get 45 Days Money-Back Guarantee this is the best to test their services if you want to test Chemicloud hosting you can buy it and test it for your requirements if you don’t like the service you can ask for a refund within 45 days and you will get your money backing without any question.

However, it applies only to the hosting plan, not to any other products like domain name, SSL, or any addon you bought with the hosting plan.

Addons Available On Chemicloud


With Chemicloud hosting you will get add-ons like SSL certificates, SpamExperts Email Security, Marketgoo SEO Tools, and more.

Pros And Cons Of Chemicloud Hosting

These are some quick points or say Pros and Cons of Chemicloud hosting that you should know.

Multiple Datacenters across the globeLimited Storage
Fast and optimized server speedNo Temporary Domain
Free SSL encryption (HTTPS)
Free Cloudflare CDN Integration
Super intuitive and easy-to-use website builder.
Free website migration service with no downtime.
Fast customer support
45-day worry-free Money-Back Guarantee

There are a lot more pros of Chemicloud that you can know by reading the full article but these are some that I want to highlight.

Chemicloud discount coupon code

Chemicloud already provides web hosting at an amazing discount by default. But who doesn’t want to get the extra discount? Yes, you read it right because you are a reader of the Lit Blogging blog and you will get an extra 65% off on Chemicloud web hosting.

This discount is only available on shared and WordPress hosting of chemicloud also you need to choose a minimum 1-year plan to avail of this extra 65% off on chemicloud hosting.

How to get an extra discount on chemicloud hosting

If you are still confused about how to get this extra 65% off on chemicloud web hosting then just follow the below steps and you will get an extra 65% off on chemicloud web hosting.

Go to Chemicloud website

Here choose the hosting type from WordPress hosting or shared hosting.


Now choose the hosting plan you want to buy


You will get two options here one is to register a new domain and the second is to use an existing domain name. (Note: if you register a new domain name you will get it free for lifetime)


If your domain name is available for registration then you will get a button “add to cart” Click on that if your domain name is not available then try another domain name or domain extension.


Now you need to choose the billing cycle. Choose 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months to get an extra 65% off. Once you choose your billing cycle you get the price on the right side. But wait this is not the final price that you need to pay this is for others. But if you are a reader of the Lit Blogging blog you will get an extra discount.


In the promotion, section enters our special coupon code “akashsingh” to get an extra discount on chemicloud web hosting.


In the above image, you can see that you got 65% off on Chemicloud hosting this is the final price for one year of Chemicloud hosting that you need to pay. The price with the default chemicloud discount is $77.70 and after applying our special coupon code the price is $54.39 for one-year hosting plan.

This is how you can get an extra 65% discount on chemicloud web hosting with our special discount code.

Chemicloud Promo Code

If you are searching for chemicloud promo code or chemicloud coupon to get some extra discount on chemicloud’s web hosting then here it is. With our special promo code you will get 65% off on chemicloud’s hosting.

Chemicloud’s promo code – “akashsingh”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ChemiCloud good hosting?

Chemicloud is a really good hosting to start your website with. Also if you already have a website then you can transfer your website to Chemicloud.

Who owns Chemicloud?

Chemicloud is an independent hosting company. It is 100% owned by the founders there is no interference from other companies or groups.

How much does ChemiCloud’s shared hosting cost?

Chemicloud has three different hosting plans Starter, Pro, and Turbo which cost you $2.99/per month for Starter, $4.49/per month, and $5.99/per month.

Does ChemiCloud offer a free domain name for life?

Yes, you get a free domain for life along with your Chemicloud hosting plan. However, the domain is only available until your hosting account remains active.

What makes ChemiCloud exceptionally incredible?

The first thing is you will get a domain free for life long with Chemicloud hosting usually with other web hosting you get a free domain for the first year. Also with Chemicloud hosting, you get free website migration.

Does ChemiCloud have a money-back period?

Yes, you get 45 days money-back Guarantee on all hosting plans if you don’t like their service you can ask for a free refund and you will get money without any questions.

What if I need any kind of help at ChemiCloud?

If you need any kind of help at Chemicloud hosting they provide 24/7/365 live chat support options, a lot of knowledgebases, Video tutorials, and a blog as well.

I have no knowledge of coding whatsoever, do I have a website design with ChemiCloud?

With the help of Chemicloud website builder, you can make your stunning website with any coding knowledge just by doing drag and drop.

Conclusion – Chemicloud Review

Hosting is the heart of your website which is the internal part of which your website runs if your hosting stops working your website will be dead. So choosing the best hosting is the really important part and I hope this article helps you with that.

I hope you enjoyed our Chemicloud hosting review. This article includes the top chemicloud hosting features and benefits to consider when making your hosting decision. I hope this article will help you find the best hosting solution for your needs.

If you are tired of facing downtime or slow loading speeds with your current provider or unhappy with your incompetent or lazy customer support then give ChemiCloud a try and thank me later.

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